Gerald Couzens

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
C : 917.797.9077 O : 212.663.6215
F : 866.598.1059 E : [email protected]

Having grown up in Manhattan, on both the Upper East and West Side, Gerald brings an insider's perspective to this profession that is far less common than one would think.

Living through the various ebbs and flows of the New York City real estate market has allowed Gerald to have a keen understanding of where the market has come from, but more importantly where it is going. Upper Manhattan is home to many of New York's most emerging and exciting neighborhoods and it is for this reason that Gerald chose to become a specialist in all aspects of the market above 96th St. Gerald has had his license for over 10 years and is very excited about the consistent value propositions and growth opportunities that this market continues to offer.

Gerald is an inherently positive, caring, and upbeat person, and he integrates those traits into his work. He loves working with people and helping take the stress out of the moving process. Whatever your real estate goals may be, there is no question that Gerald can help you achieve them.

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