John Enrique Cheserie

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
C : 917.224.0982 O : 212.663.6215
F : 866.598.1059 E : [email protected]

John Cheserie epitomizes integrity and energy, coupled with a strong work ethic. Raised in Venezuela, John was trained in the hospitality industry. After many years in this field, he shifted gears to further his career in real estate.
    Throughout his career, John has been fortunate enough to work with cornerstone establishments noted for their reputation for excellence. He consistently exceeds customer expectations, establishing a reputation for dependability and client-oriented service. Dominating a niche market, he has used his experience and foresight to proactively resolve problems before they become an issue.
  Living in New York City, John attended the American Academy of Dramatics Arts and studied speech patterns from one of the nation’s top coaches.

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