Simonne Michelle Hill

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
C : 970.846.9417 O : 212.663.6215
F : 866.598.1059 E : [email protected]

Simonne  Hill ’s approach   to real estate is one filled with compassion and a drive to make her client’s experience as e a sy and stress free as possible. Having gone through the process of finding a place to call home   in NYC herself, she knows exactly what it’s like to be in the client’s shoes.
Simonne’s goal is to help   her clients find a place that feels like their safe haven from the crazy city surrounding them. E v eryone wants a comfortable space that allows them to breathe and feel at peace. With  Simon n e this becomes a reality and she will work tirelessly to help her clients find what they are   looking for.
Simonne is also a perform e r having done productions with Salgado Productions and In the Heights with HRT. Film is   another outlet of her artistic expression and she is currently writing a web series.
Training: Beyond Works h op Series 2016, City College.

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