“Inside The Actors STUDIO” (for under $1700) - Uptown Edition
Posted on July 18, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Matthew Warner Kiernan

Inwood NYC

I love Upper Manhattan and I love helping people find their new home here…. Which is why I REALLY LOVE where I get to work!

The diversity of these neighborhoods is only matched, I believe, by the diversity of the people who live here.

When I moved to NYC, it was to study theatre and pursue a career as a performer. I was your quintessential Musical Theatre kid, who straight out of college hit the ground running at every audition I could. Most of these auditions in Musical Theatre-land are in midtown. GREAT. “So this is where I’m going to LIVE… just find a huge, yet affordable, apt somewhere right in Hell’s Kitchen, and walk to Ripley Grier Studio!”

Well, I quickly learned… in case you didn’t know… that without Mom and Dad paying at the dorms anymore… NYC is kinda expensive!

I discovered Washington Heights, and a cool 2BR space on 181st and Bennett Ave, much bigger than any of the “converted” 2BRs I saw in Midtown. And I still was at that open call at Ripley Griers in 25 mins… NOT BAD.

I also learned that Upper Manhattan was no secret to (especially) artists like me. Imagine… this was somewhere you could afford to live when auditioning, and where your entire paycheck, while temping or working at the bar, didn’t go to your rent!

I’ve since lived in many neighborhoods all over Uptown and Astoria, Queens… famously dubbed “Actoria” by Actors.

There is a community up here that fosters artists. And not just in terms of affordability! There are studio spaces, open mic nights, galleries, performance venues, black box theaters, and so much more!

I have many friends working and performing 8 shows a week on Broadway and if you took a poll in every cast on the Great White Way, you’d definitely find that MOST of those performers walk out that midtown stage door after the show at night, get on the A Express Train, and crash Uptown! ;)

Come on into Bohemia next time you're looking for a new place to call home, and you’ll see what I mean. We don’t just help artists find more “bang for your buck” up here… many of us ARE these artists as well… we’re actors, dancers, writers, visual artists, singer/songwriters and the like.

Yes, the neighborhoods above 110th St. are filled with SO MANY kinds of people from all walks of life, but I’ve always felt the relationship between Uptown and artists is a special one!