10 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving
Posted on November 16, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Chad Ackerman

With Thanksgiving approaching are you finding yourself here in the city hosting? Don't panic! Here are a few tips to hosting that ultimate Thanksgiving party!


1. Plan ahead. Keep it simple. Make a shopping list and start buying nonperishable items now. Make anything the night before, like the cornbread or your famous dessert.

2. Decorate the table with apples, gourds, pears, and little pumpkins. Have a couple candles lit and you have some inexpensive decor!

3. Have your playlist ready. This can be fun to put together, songs about food, thanks, and friends are all you need. Various Artists like Tori Amos or Duran Duran have songs titled “Thank You.” Here are a few others to get started:
The Shins - “Young Pilgrims”
Ray Charles - “Sweet Potato Pie”
Bing Crosby's - “I've Got Plenty to be Thankful For.”
Kanye West - “Family Business (to really make it feel like home)”
See how easy it is?

4. Consider moving any unnecessary furniture in your living area to accommodate everyone. Who knows? A dance party could break out with that playlist!

5. Offer a classic house drink. Try a Hot Apple Toddy or a Classic Kir. (add a few drops of creme de cassis to a crisp dry white wine - Boom Classic Kir!) A Pinot Noir pairs great with turkey by the way!

6. For an appetizer go with some cheeses, a brie and a smoked gouda will do, olives and a shrimp cocktail. Make deviled eggs if you're the ambitious type.

7. Everyone has a traditional dish they love, and love to make. Have your guests bring their favorite side to share. If you're doing all the cooking, just have your guests provide a dessert, or bring a bottle to share.

8. Hosting Thanksgiving means turkey! Or does it? Consider something different like a honey glazed ham, a brisket or salmon. Warning: You may need to have something turkey for those die-hard turkey lovers.

9. Pumpkin pie is the standard and readily available but simplify and go pumpkin or maple cookies! That with some coffee and you're golden! You’ll be too full anyway.

10. Lastly, buy some Tupperware to give away the leftovers as a parting gift. You'll be happy to get rid of those.

Easy-peasy right? Don't sweat the small stuff. With plenty of drink options, any mishaps can be excused. Be thankful you’re in good company.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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