My Top 10 Uptown Parks in NYC to Relax In

BY: Derek Brown

December 11, 2019

Whether you are looking for affordable Harlem apartments for rent, or you already have an NYC apartment, sometimes life can get a little hectic. We at Bohemia Realty Group try to keep the rental (or buy/sell) process as quick and painless as possible, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Like many New Yorkers, whenever I am stressed I like to sit in a park and breathe in some fresh air surrounded by grass and trees for a minute (or an hour, but who’s counting). But sometimes walking to the park isn’t always the best option, whether it’s getting colder, or you’ve already got your steps in for the day and want to relax. So what do I do when I want to relax? Find a park next to a subway so I don’t have to walk.

You don’t need to pass by the Central Park for sale signs thinking, “If only I was closer, I could go all the time and fit it into my schedule no problem!” If you can get to a subway, you can get to and from a park without any extra walking!

Here are the top 10 subway stops you can get off at to be right next to and/or connected to a park, from north to south, no worst to best here! Find the one (or few) that are right for you!

#1 Fort Tryon Park - A train: Dyckman Street and 190 Street 

Being one of the furthest uptown parks, you can take the A train and get off at Dyckman Street to be at the north end of Fort Tryon Park. This park is less than 2 blocks away from a subway stop and has multiple stops you can get off at! Want to start or finish up at the south end of the park? The 190th Street A train stop is the one for you.

#2 Highbridge Park - 1 Train: Dyckman Street

Still, want to go to Inwood but you are on the east side? Take the 1 train to Dyckman and around the corner is Highbridge Park. There is a lot you can do in Highbridge Park other than just relax! Enjoy the view of the Harlem River at Swindler Cove or take in the beautiful greenery at Sherman Creek!

#3 Bennett Park - A Train: 181st Street

This grass and tree-filled historical site has a playground for the kids as well as open seating areas. What more could you want? If you are looking for something to see, you might find it after taking the A to 181st street.

#4 J. Hood Wright Park - A Train: 175th Street

The 175th Street A stop is well known for being connected to the GWB - George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal, but if you just exit instead, you’ll be connected to J. Hood Wright Park, which has the added bonus of a waterfront view of the bridge. VERY RELAXING if you like being by the water, car watching, or feeling the breeze. Not to mention it is one of the closest parks to The Ammann - 40 Pinehurst Avenue: Hudson Heights' only new development condominium. 

#5 Mitchel Square - A/C Train: 168th Street

Mitchel Square is certainly the smallest park on this list, but getting off the A or C trains at 168th street puts you close to several eateries and a breathtaking historic monument in the Square. It may not be the quietest park on this list, but I recommend this one for maybe throwing some tunes on or people watching! 1 Trains will also stop here once construction is finished in early 2020. 

#6 Sylvan Terrace and Roger Morris Park - C Train: 163rd Street 

Sylvan Terrace isn’t a park but if you haven’t walked through it you need to! It’s a hidden gem with an old cobblestone road originally meant as a carriage path in the 19th century. Bonus: it’s basically connected to Roger Morris Park, which will take you on a scenic walk through to the south side of Highbridge Park.

#7 Holcombe Rucker Park - B/D Train: 155th Street

On your way to the Bronx but have some time to kill? Get off on the 155th Street stop on the B and D lines to find Holcombe Rucker Park! Holcombe is a playground park with lots of seating. Great opportunity for lots of people watching and a view of the water for that extra bit of revitalization.

#8 Jackie Robinson Park - A/C/B/D Train: 145th Street 

Jackie Robinson Park has it all. You’ll find places to go for a run, take a bike ride, or just sit and relax. There’s also a public pool, a recreation center, and a farmers market. Really, if you haven’t gotten off of the A, C, B, or D trains here you are missing out on this amazing park!

#9 Montefiore Square - 1 Train: 137th Street - City College

Trees are lit up in the winter, the grass is green and flowers bloom in the summer. It is a nice little park perfect for when you need to relax for a bit. If you’re on the 1 train, get off at the 137th Street - City College stop and you will definitely find something you’ll like about it.

#10 St. Nicholas Park - B/C Train: 135th Street

St. Nicholas Park can be whatever you want it to be, that’s what I always say anyway. The Hamilton Grange National Memorial is at the north end, the St. Nicholas Park Dog Run is in the middle near the 135th street, B and C stop, and there are a few playgrounds on the south end. You can find anything from people watching to quiet alone time here.

If I added all of the parks that are within 2 blocks of a train station, as most New Yorkers consider close enough to walk to, this list would be way too long! Not to mention this list doesn’t include any of the many other playgrounds, public gardens, or monuments uptown. Most of which have public seating and are 5 minutes or less from a train! In case you didn’t know, there is a lot to do uptown! Let us know if you’d be interested in getting another list that includes even more of what uptown has to offer!

Derek Brown

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