Live Uptown and Looking to Volunteer and Give Back to the Community?

BY: Jason Barker

December 11, 2019

Live uptown and looking to volunteer and give back to the community? Here are five of the top organizations in Upper Manhattan that are always looking for volunteers. Whether it’s temporary or on a regular basis, you can learn about each organization and see what fits with your schedule. Don’t have the time to volunteer? No worries, these organizations also gladly accept monetary donations.

Washington Heights CORNER Project

Washington Heights CORNER Project’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people who use drugs or engage in sex work. They offer empowering and stigma-free health promotion support to individuals and their loved ones that reduce risks associated with drug use and/or sex work including HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and overdose.

Uptown Stories

Uptown Stories, is a federally approved non-profit creative writing program in Washington Heights. Some of these jobs are completable, and others are on-going, but in either case, they’ll ask that you commit to your small job for at least three months

Volunteers of America

In the Greater New York area, tens of thousands of men, women, and children in need benefit from Volunteers of America's life-changing, often life-saving work including the homeless, families affected by domestic violence, children with special needs, adults and youth living with HIV/AIDS, behavioral health or substance abuse issues, veterans struggling to find their footing, and the frail elderly.

Harlem Pride

Harlem Pride’s mission is to empower Harlem’s SGL/LGBTQ community (which includes family, friends, and allies) to improve its physical, mental, and economic health and wellness. They have expanded to include community forums, workshops, networking events, and other community outreach activities.

Dream Center Harlem

Dream Center Harlem aims to unlock and cultivate the dreams of the Harlem Community through transformative programs centered on creative arts, leadership development, and economic empowerment.

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