Why Actors Make Great Realtors (and Why Realtors Make Great Actors)

BY: Samantha Weinstein

October 17, 2019

So many real estate agents at Bohemia are also actors or involved in the arts in some way, including me! I love how my two parallel careers go hand in hand. Very often you’ll find me going straight from an audition to a lease signing, or from an apartment showing to a rehearsal.

Are you an actor looking for a way to fund your artistic passions? Look no further! 

Here’s why actors make great realtors:

  1. Perseverance – We are used to “the hustle!” How many auditions do you go on before you finally book a gig? You have to pound the pavement! Similarly, you have to show a LOT of apartments before you close a deal!

  2. Positive Attitude- Do you give up because one audition didn’t work out? Nope! You keep going. This same mentality is what is needed to be a realtor. Are you going to quit if one client doesn’t work out? Of course not! Actors are used to pushing through – “on to the next!”

  3. Personality- We know how to be “on”-- even if we’re having a bad day! It’s important to be kind & friendly regardless of what’s going on ‘behind the scenes.’

Here’s why realtors make great actors:

  1. Flexible Schedule – You’ll never have to miss an audition due to your work schedule when you are a realtor since your schedule is completely up to you! No need to worry about “getting a shift covered” when there are no shifts. Leaving for a few months to do a show?  There will always be a job waiting for you when you return.

  2. Limitless Income Potential— No more worrying about how you’re going to pay for your next voice lesson or acting class! There is no cap to the income you can earn in real estate, as your income is commission based – the more apartments you rent/sell, the more money you’ll make!

  3. Financial Freedom—Working in real estate gives you the financial freedom to say “yes” to gigs that fulfill you artistically but may not pay as well (or at all)! Do what you love without worrying about the paycheck! You never know – that free reading could lead to something huge!! On the flip side, working in real estate also gives you the financial freedom to say “no” to the gigs that don’t fulfill you artistically. You don’t need to rely on an acting gig for a paycheck when you know you have a parallel career that’s paying the bills. Only say yes to the gigs you want to do!

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Samantha Weinstein

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