A Few Stops North | Bohemia Realty
Posted on December 4, 2017

Bohemia Blog by Agent Corey Wright

As a licensed real estate professional, one of the best services I provide my clients with is a detailed list of properties in the neighborhoods they want to explore given their criteria.

The properties in Manhattan’s Southern Uptown neighborhoods, such as Morningside, Harlem and Hamilton Heights prices have increased due to popularity over the last decade.

A phrase I often hear from clients moving uptown is, “I don’t want to go above 145th Street.”

When I ask what’s keeping them from exploring North of 145th, they usually complain about commute time.

If I’ve shown a commute-concerned-South-of-145-street-Client everything that fits their criteria and they seem borderline dissatisfied with the inventory, I’ll usually offer to show them properties for the same price just a few stops north.

If they’re open to it, I pull out my phone and start a timer the moment the A train leaves the 145th street Station (on its way to 181st.). When we arrive at the 181st station, the clients are surprised that the clock usually reads somewhere between 6-7 minutes.

The resistant look on their faces usually turn into curiosity and excitement when they see the lovely tree-lined streets, parks, the amount of stores, restaurants and grocery stores.

When we walk into apartments for the same price of their Harlem or Hamilton Heights counterparts they are usually pleasantly surprised with the space, updates or the extra bedroom their budget allows.

More often than not, the Up-Uptown curious clients will usually find the perfect apartment they never thought they could have in neighborhoods like Washington Heights, Hudson Heights/Fort George or Inwood--all for just a few extra stops on the train, with enough time to finish the last few pages of your book, listen to another song, or get a few more minutes of nap-time.

What will a few minutes on a train get you?
An extra bedroom? A gigantic living room? The dream of In-Unit Laundry?

Come explore some of Manhattan’s Northern-most neighborhoods and see what they can offer you!