A Stroll with my Dog through Inwood Hill Park
Posted on November 29, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Stephen Church

Inwood Hill Park Cherry Tree by the Lake Inwood is such a dog lover’s neighborhood. And a perfect thing for me to do is to spend time walking around Inwood hill park with my dog. A perfect afternoon would include a hike upon the hills in Fort Tryon Park, where we could sit on a bench, look across the Hudson River and enjoy the fall leaves. After we've had our fill, we'd go check out the beautiful flower gardens planted around The Cloisters museum, and peek into New Leaf restaurant - a great gem in the middle of Inwood park (and a great place to have a wedding btw!) Then we would head up to Dyckman Street and all of the al-fresco style restaurants it has, many of which, like The Park View, allow you to have a have meal in their outside patio with your dog. Inwood park nyc is such a good place to sit back and people (and dog) watch!

Tree-lined Pathway through Inwood Park, NYC Now that the weather is cooling down there is no better remedy to the winter chill than a spot of bourbon. 3+ years ago I fell in love with Bourbon Old Fashions. At the time, I believed it would become my new “winter drink” to parallel the refreshing summer gin and tonic. Alas, bourbon has become my every season libation of choice. When opening was announced, I knew I was headed for a win-win. I love Uptown and I love bourbon. Uptown Bourbon offers delicious specialty cocktails, a skilled bar staff, a charming warm vintage inspired space and has some of the best beer prices/happy hour specials in the area($2 Beers!?). It goes without saying that their Old Fashioned is perfection, but my tastebuds tap dance when I contemplate their Bourbon Blackberry Lemonade (Pictured). The talented bartenders nail the balance of sweetness and warmth that ends with a friendly smack in the face from the bourbon. While drinking these dangerously delicious cocktails, Uptown Bourbon has a great variety of meat and cheese plates to nosh on. #ImASlaveForYou To work off the calories we just ate, we'd take a stroll through Inwood Hill Park – the last true forest in Manhattan. Inwood Hill Park, and its many trails, allow you and your dog to enjoy nature and feel like you have left Manhattan for a little while. You can literally spend hours just hiking its paths! We stop at the Homer’s Run, Inwood Park’s amazing neighborly dog park, to catch up with our friends. Continuing further north, we get to the end of the trails (and the end of Manhattan for that matter), where we check out a football or soccer game at Columbia's athletic complex for a little while. Finally, on our way back home, we stop at Indian Road Café, an amazing farm to table gem at the end of Manhattan, to grab a coffee and perhaps pick up a book at its free outside book stand. After all that, my dog is sure to be tuckered out.

Autumn Scene of a Bridge in Inwood Park Sounds like a perfect day in Inwood Park for me and my dog!

Photographs by Dave Lopez