Apps to help make Apps (and for getting the opportunity to build an app =))
Posted on March 15, 2019

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In this on-the-go world, with application deadlines of 24 hours, sometimes that delayed train, late client, or blind-date no-show (I assume...I am happily married, but I needed a third thing to be able to use an Oxford comma) is the perfect opportunity to BUILD THAT APP!

The following are some tools I have run across that you can use on your phone; in this Apple-Centric world we live in, some of us "Androids" find ourselves left out in the cold when it comes to things of this nature (looking at you, Latch Access), so the following are some FREE solutions that run on all platforms! How do you like them apples?


XODO is a PDF Reader and Annotater that will allow you to combine documents, add text/ notes, graphics, change formats, etc. For all intents and purposes, it is PREVIEW.


I know, I know...we all know about Google Drive, BUT, did you know that you can use it as a SCANNER? Yeah, that is right. You can. So stop taking those blurry, dark photos for your ads...oh, wait...I mean APPS, and make those scans of money orders look so sharp the landlord gets a paper cut.

So, those are really the only two I have needed in order to build applications on my phone, so letís pivot to mobile applications that I have also found useful in a pinch!


Speaking of ads, Snapseed is a great little mobile app that lets you lighten, brighten, and fix any imperfections your Moto g6 camera may have left you with during your previewing. As a frequent Ethics violator for my photos, I am new to this one, but the results so far have been impressive and the experience intuitive.


Ever need to call a client to give them a piece of information, but you really donít want to have a full on conversation?

Client: Hello?

Agent: Hey, itís J from Bohemia! How is it going?

Client: Good, good. My horoscope said that I would find wisdom in an unusual place, so I have been taking in the world around me to find this serendipitous sherpa, but maybe it . . . .

. . . 35 minutes later . . .

. . . and that is why I think I want to switch to Vanilla Almond Milk.

Agent: Sounds good! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your app has been approved so congrats! Powwow with your roommate and let me know some times Thursday to come into my office at 3880 Broadway to sign leases.

Client: Sure. I will let you know tonight!

Agent: Awesome! Congrats again and talk soon!

Client: Bye!

Well, with Slydial, you can call directly into the voicemail for your client! So now that brief minute before heading down to the D Train can be:

Agent: Hey, itís J from Bohemia! CONGRATS! Your application has been approved! Powwow with your roommate on some good times Thursday to sign leases at our office at 3880 Broadway and we will set it up! Thanks and talk soon!

They get the good news, and you donít miss your train :)


You know what happens when you travel around the city? Google, like the meta-spy that they are, tracks you down and tries to gain as much information on you and those around you as possible! You might as well take 15 seconds and answer some questionnaires they send to you about it. You tell them "Yes, I WAS at a PLS Check Cashing Center on Thursday" and they throw $.15 into your Google Play Account to be spent on premium apps, books, or the latest update of Candy Crush (that is still a thing, right?) Hey, if they are going to track you anyway, you might as well get a few nickels...well, the digital equivalent of it, at least.

Alright, Bohemians! Jokes aside, I really do recommend these mobile apps to make your time out in the field more productive. Your clients will benefit, you will benefit, and Bohemia will add 5% to my splits in perpetuity because of how consequential these additions are to your Agent Toolbox!

Your friend,

Jarid Faubel

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