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Posted on August 14, 2017

”How the New York Landscape Is Changing in 2017”

Bohemia Guest Blog by Precondo

Global construction, shifting local contexts, updated methods, new house designs, innovative technologies—the real estate and construction markets have been facing some real challenges in the first half of this year. Meeting these hurdles head on are building trends that have been changing the landscape of New York, particularly the uptown area.

NYC Landscape

Watch out for these trends as they will continue to affect the building and interiors industry for the rest of the year. And you’ll want to be updated if you’re planning to purchase another property in uptown NYC soon.

Affordable housing

According to Jolie Milstein, CEO and president of the New York State Association for Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH), several projects under the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program will finally become a reality. Even a wide stretch of the uptown neighborhood of East Harlem has been targeted for the program, though there are concerns over the impact of new zoning. You should be starting to see more affordable developments across Upper Manhattan and neighboring areas by now.

Older buildings

Richard Cantor of Cantor-Pecorella says that when it comes to building houses, structures made of bricks or brownstones are increasing in popularity again. Top-level buyers are gravitating towards quiet central courtyards, shapely windows, and thick walls for their next property purchase. With the demand for better privacy and security growing, architects are starting to incorporate stones in their house building plans again. Classic-style townhouses are becoming the next big thing in real estate markets.

Brooklyn Heights

Bespoke kitchens

Leading properties in uptown New York are still those that embody the luxury lifestyle. What else could declare opulence better than custom kitchen designs, right? Collaborations between furniture makers and architectural firms are being talked about in upper-class circles. The looks that are perfect for New York in 2017 include antique hardware, wooden surfaces, dark stains, polished stainless steel, and expensive marble.

Historic preservations

The war to preserve New York, which started in 2016, continues in 2017. Coming to a head are several preservation efforts under the Historic Districts Council. Simeon Bankoff, the Executive Director, includes the bid to landmark the interiors of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. A part of the historic building is already being renovated into a condominium as of this writing. For sure, surrounding neighborhoods are going to cash in on this development with a spike in sales for well-preserved older homes.

Better experiences

For the younger generation, properties are becoming more about achieving comfortable lifestyles than having unused space. The addition of gyms, yoga studios, flexible workspaces, and gaming rooms are more common these days. In the past, these features used to be considered as optional luxuries but they are now essentials for buyers in New York. Swimming pools are no longer the only basic amenities uptown homes should have.

Of course, apart from what has been discussed above, there are many more building trends that are having a big impact on the New York landscape this year. A new house design for a property in the city will feature so many new things that were not seen in the previous year.

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with any of our staff here at the Bohemia Realty Group. Living in an uptown neighborhood in a house with the latest design doesn’t have to be a dream. Just check out our property listings and you’ll understand why.