Dating Tips For Your Apartment Hunt!
Posted on June 1, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Samantha Weinstein

By: Samantha Weinstein

1. Be Sure You’re Ready To Move On from Your Ex (Your ex-home, that is!)
Are you really ready to move? Make sure you’re prepared both mentally & financially to take the plunge!

2. Let Your Friends Set You Up
Don’t start looking blindly! Ask your friends if they had a good experience with their real estate agent and have them connect you.

3. Communication Is Key
Help us help you! Your agent cannot assist properly if you don’t communicate with us—we are not mind readers! Let us know what you are looking for, what your budget is, and when exactly you need to move!

4. Don’t Judge an Apartment Solely on Its Online Profile
Not every apartment is “photogenic” – and on the flip side, some look wayyyy better online than in real life. Trust your agent – we have seen hundreds of places and know the princes from the frogs. :)

5. If You’re Not Into It, Go With Your Gut
When seeing apartments with your agent, there’s no need to spend excessive amounts of time talking about a place that you are really not interested in. Politely let your agent know that this is not the place for you – they’ll be happy to move on to the next place and not waste your time or theirs!

6. Follow Up After The “Date”
Found apartment love at first site? Make sure you follow up to put in your deposit and start your application before someone else commits first! Not interested in anything you’ve seen or no longer moving at all? Just let us know – we understand and want to help! All I ask of you is… PLEASE … don’t ghost on us!!!! ;)

7. Live Happily Ever After
How to maintain a lifetime of happiness in your new apartment? I recommend you pay your rent on time, tip your super, and don’t forget to get Renter’s Insurance!

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