Easy Tips to Update Your NYC Apartment | Bohemia Realty Group
Posted on January 10, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Corissa Nadrowski


It's a new year, but you feel stuck in the same old, dingy New York apartment! Ring in 2018 with these easy (and cheap!) tips to update your humble New York City abode.

Did you know that most New York city landlords allow you to paint the walls of your apartment as long as you paint it back before you vacate the unit? Start your year out with a burst of color. Nobody has ever gone wrong with an accent wall or two. To be sure, make sure to check with your landlord before having an artistic explosion on your dreary creme colored walls. (Less than $20)

Rid yourself of the old (and don't replace it with new junk!) New York apartments are tiny, so keep those memories in the mind. Take a day and organize to set yourself up for success this new year. You'll be amazed at what you can do when you say bye bye to unwanted mementos, old clothes and the movie tickets you saved from the relationship that ended 6 years ago. (Less than 2 hours of your time, $0)

For the items that you do need, maximize use of the entry area of your apartment. The addition of a few hooks for keys, hats, water bottles, Rusty's leash and...coats will probably save you a little headache. If you have any additional entry space (or high ceilings), make sure to add shelving. You can usually get away with any holes under dime-sized when you vacate the unit. Worst comes to worst, you can easily fill them when you do for piece of mind now! You'll be surprised how open your apartment can feel just by getting everything off of the floor. (Less than $100)

Take time and think over all furniture. Always make sure that each piece can be used for a dual purpose. And let's face it, you're not having 10 friends over to your tiny studio. This is your space, think about your uses first, and then think about how you can entertain in the space after you make yourself comfortable. If you're getting rid of any old furniture, make sure to follow any bulk item disposal rules.

Most of all, if you really hate your dingy New York pad, give us a call. We'll be happy to find you something better.

Wishing you the best in 2018!