Fall-In for Uptown
Posted on November 30, 2018

Fall is my favorite time of year in New York. The weather is changing, the leaves are changing, and people’s hearts seem to soften as they prepare to stay warm for the winter ahead. There is a sense of camaraderie amongst New Yorkers and we have seen it in so many fun ways, like the NYC Marathon and the election. There is a sense of hope and encouragement hovering over the city as millions of strangers come together with the hope of a positive outcome. What an incredible thing to see all over, in your neighborhood coffee shop, your local watering hole, and even your dry cleaner! Here is the list of my top 5 favorite places in Upper Manhattan to spend time when I’m getting the “necessary” daily tasks done or just enjoying some fall weather with my friends.

1. Sugar Hill Cafe: To me, there is no beating this place. It’s cute, cozy, the food and coffee is amazing, the pastries are perfection and the staff is friendly. I love nothing more than taking myself here to get some work done, or enjoy time with friends on one of my favorite fall days, or really any day. *(and bonus, it turns to a wine bar in the evening!)

2. The Honeywell: This has been a favorite of mine uptown over the past 2 years. This adorable 70’s themed cocktail bar has awesome and original drinks and great bites. I have gotten to become great friends with some of the staff and it feels like you’re having an enjoyable evening at home with friends when you’re there. It is a small bar though, so if you’re wanting to spend some time with friends, get there a little earlier to grab a table - she fills up fast! :)

3. ROKC: This place I can not rave enough about the food and the specialty cocktails. If you’re wanting more of a meal (although they have plenty of small plate/app options and a killer happy hour) this is the place for you! This place is adorable and delicious. My friends and I always start with the oyster happy hour and then continue to pig out on pork buns and ramen into the evening, accompanied with handcrafted cocktails that will blow your mind. (They are also all served in fun different ways… I guess you have to go and check it out for yourself because I won’t ruin the ending!) Go go go - if you like Japanese fusion cuisine, this is the place to see… and eat!


Okay okay, the next one may seem like a weird place to enjoy going, but once you go, you’ll get it.
4. V&T’s Laundry Box: Everyone’s gotta do it, we all dread it… LAUNDRY… so WHY on earth would this be a place I enjoy spending time? I will TELL you! V&T’s is owned by none other than the world’s best couple, Vince and Tanya. They wanted to create a place to do laundry that didn’t make you want to run and hide under your bed and live in stinky clothes because laundry in NYC tends to be a nightmare … unless you have a beautiful apartment with a washer/dryer (I can help you find that) With their industrial machines, your laundry time is cut in HALF. You can wash and dry in under an hour… ALWAYS… it’s magical guys. So yeah yeah, that sounds great and all, why do I like spending time there still, you may ask? Because Vince and Tanya have made a little home for the neighborhood. They have all sorts of events to bring people together, always are playing awesome music or a good tv show/movie, there are great conversations amongst the owners and the patrons and IT’S SO CLEAN. I know that sounds odd that a laundromat wouldn’t be clean, but we’ve all seen those places. They have coffee, drinks, snacks, and a smile for you always. Now, doing my laundry has become an enjoyable part of my “to-dos” during my week. Check them out!

5. At The Wallace: Last but not least, this is one of my favorite places to go for a fun night of games and hanging with friends. I have celebrated several birthdays here (we don’t need to know how many ;)) and always have such a great time. This is less of an oasis and more of a you’re out for a good time kind of place, but there are tons of games in the back of the bar to play with friends, affordable drinks, and I won’t lie… their burger is ON POINT, as are all of their menu items. They currently have a pumpkin beer on draft and have the cinnamon/sugar rim to accompany it…I mean, what’s more fall than that? Also, the photo booth by the front of the bar has helped them to decorate their walls with the faces of all the local (and visiting) friends that have stopped in, which is a super cute and warm little touch.

I hope you enjoyed my handful of favorites and I hope that you get to check each of them out soon! Until then - Happy Fall, Friends!

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