Flexible Careers Do Exist!
Posted on January 18, 2019


I recently took an amazing vacation in Europe, a mostly-solo six weeks spread between Paris, Belgium, and Italy (thatís Florence above). I was able to see sights I had always dreamed of seeing; I practiced my French; I met family and walked the streets my grandparents walked. It was truly incredible and Iím so fortunate to have been able to make something like this happen.

This trip is something I had been planning for at least 4 years. There were a lot of different variations over the years but one thing was always the same: I knew Iíd have to quit my job as a bartender to go. There was no way an employer would give me that kind of time off.

As life would have it, I burned out on bartending long before I could make this trip a reality. I quit my job and started 2016 fresh. I took a little time off to recover and breathe and then I started researching my next move. I asked around and ended up grabbing tea with a friend who had transitioned from restaurant work to real estate. After that, things moved quickly. I took the class, passed the test, and started working for Bohemia Realty Group.

Itís a move that has turned out to be one of the best ones Iíve made in my life.

Iíve been with Bohemia Realty Group for going on three years now. The things Iíve learned on this new career path are too numerous to list but the true flexibility to take time off and remain employed is definitely top of that list.

And my story isnít an outlier. The specifics may look different but a lot of my colleagues can say similar things. Not only does real estate offer a career in itself, it supports and enables us to pursue our dreams. If youíve found yourself:

- bemoaning your "flexible" job (we all know thatís a lie)
- wondering what youíll do when you return from your touring contract
- curious about changing careers, reach out to any one of us and ask. Email me at [email protected] and Iíll happily meet you for my daily caffeine infusion and let you pick my brain!

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