For the Love of Lido
Posted on May 4, 2015

Bohemia Blog by Agent Susan Molloy

Harlem is blossoming all over with it's new restaurant scene that will only continue to grow. Upper Manhattan might just become the new "Hot Spot" as restauranteurs like Danny Meyers are being displaced due to astronomical rent increases that make it impossible to turn a profit. All the better for those of us that live or are moving uptown.  

One of my favorite spots is Lido on Frederick Douglass and 117th. Serena Bass, a James Beard award winning Chef originally from England, has a seasonal changing menu that never disappoints. Serena was a long time catering chef to the celebrity scene here in New York. She also presided over the very successful night club Serena Bar in the Chelsea Hotel. She was living on 116th when a spot called Frizzante opened up on the corner of 117th and Frederick Douglass. It was an old tire shop turned restaurant. The owners of Frizzante put a ton of money into fixing it up but couldn't make their money back and as a result, closed in 4 months. Serena swept in and 4 years later is a smashing success.  


She decided on Northern Italian cuisine as there was nothing in the neighborhood like it. With other places that have opened up around her, she is still doing some of the best business in the neighborhood. I attribute that to the great service (the bartenders are fantastic) and always consistently good food. I just learned that the meatloaf (currently on the menu) is not only her favorite thing to cook but also her favorite thing to eat. I must get in to try that. I am still however, obsessed with the warm Kale salad with Chicken and now that it is back on the spring menu, the crostini with house made ricotta, organic mint and fava beans. 


As if you needed another reason to try the place, there is a fantastic happy hour from 5-8 weekdays and 5-7 on the weekends. Cocktails are $9.00 (and a fantastic cocktail list it is) wine $7 and beer is $5. They also serve a mid-day menu so the there is always something to nibble on to go with your happy hours. You also might have the opportunity to hob-nob with an agent or two from Bohemia as it is one of our favorite haunts, or Minnie Driver, who just happens to be the Chef's niece.  One more great reason to explore and #MoveUptown!