Good Spots to Relax on a Ruff Day
Posted on March 5, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent James Soller

Good Spots to Relax on a Ruff Day

It’s a ruff life out there for our four-legged agents - walking five miles a day, sniffing out the newest digs, digging up the newest parks, and working hard for ‘dem bones. Even at their busiest, these agents, who constantly keep their nose to the ground for you, sometimes have to find time for themselves. Taco and Juju, some of Bohemia’s finest, asked me to jot down some of their favorites spots Uptown, as they lack opposable thumbs.

Four-legged-agents Taco and Juju, discuss their favorite Uptown spots to play and unwind

Harlem Doggie Day Spa
When getting ready for his next open house, Taco’s got to get all spiffed up - he’s just bougie like that. After much searching across the island, he found that they always do it best uptown, especially in Harlem. Located right off the 145 A/B/C/D - Taco says Harlem Doggie Day Spa is perfect for any #uptownpup. For sixty dollars (and of course a tip for his amazing team of stylists), he gets treated right at this spa - it can include a bath, blow out, cut and style, and his personal favorite, a blueberry facial treatment that just makes him feel oh so fresh - and oh so clean. They'll even send you Pawgress Reports to let you know how much your little buddy enjoyed their stay.

Good Spots to Relax on a Ruff Day


Across the street is their dog hotel, where they have a daycare filled with activities and overnight boarding with a 24 hour staff on premises who value safety, a stimulating environment, and prioritize happiness above all. And if that wasn’t enough, they have a rewards program where you can earn points to cash in on for free spa visits, boarding, or walks! Taco INSISTS you visit them the next time you need a fresh ‘do.

Grooming: 761 Saint Nicholas Ave New York, NY 10031
Boarding and Daycare: 734 Saint Nicholas Ave New York, NY 10031
IG: @harlemdoggiedayspa

Uptown Dog Parks
While her brother and team member Taco is getting pampered, JuJu loves to go for a light jog, and social time at several at her favorite uptown dog runs. If you're looking to join her for her morning routine - you can find her at J. Hood Wright park's dog run - nestled between Fort Washington and Haven Ave, between W 173rd and W 176th(or right off the 175th A Express train) at the back of the park (NOTE: scenic of views of the GWB are an added bonus!). Like any good PEO (Pup Executive Officer), she takes a mid-day break at the iconic St. Nicholas Dog Run, located off the B/C 135th Stop Between St. Nicholas Terrace and St. Nicholas Ave (with W 128th and W 141 as it's boundaries). Beautifully landscaped - it’s ready for any midday jaunt in the park.

Good Spots to Relax on a Ruff Day


J. Hood Wright Dog Run:
St. Nicholas Park Dog Run:
List of All NYC Dog Runs:

Double Dutch Coffee
After taking time for themselves, this dynamic team does need to meet up for their afternoon business meeting. At the top of St Nicholas Park, right off of the City College campus is one of their favorite team-meeting spots: Filtered Coffee. Easy to sniff out at the corner of W 139th and Amsterdam, Filtered Coffee offers amazing service, Stumptown Coffee, and Nitro Cold Brew (one of the few places to get it uptown!). With a walk-up window, and stools outside, the Taco/Juju Real Estate Team don't even have to go inside to get their puppuccinos - so props for that! The cozy atmosphere inside (wifi included), though, is perfect for answering all of those emails they let pile up.

Location: 1661 Amsterdam and 2194 Frederick Douglass BLVD
IG: @doubledutchespresso

Woof - they're exhausted after that long day, and they only shared a few of their secrets with you. But if you want to see more of Taco and JuJu. Be sure to check them out on IG @a.k.a_taco and @afleekkai - they'd be more than happy to take you around the city and show you a few more of their favorite spots!