Goodbye Summer 2014
Posted on September 2, 2014


Happy (day after) Labor Day!  Although it’s not officially the last day of summer, Labor Day marks the last hurrah of the season.  Today also marks the last day of the outdoor pool season. And I have to say I certainly took advantage of that this summer. Twenty-five miles of pool laps to be exact (or at least that was the goal).

Every summer, NYC Parks and Recreation has a swimming program where early mornings and late evenings are reserved for adults to swim laps.  If you swim 25 miles, you get a T-SHIRT! Just a t-shirt you may ask. Well yes, a t-shirt and a feeling of greatness having accomplished a fitness goal! I (cough) don’t feel so great as I didn’t complete 25 miles this summer. I only swam once or twice a week but I have to say those mornings where I was able to get myself up to swim at 7am were truly awesome!  You don’t have to be an excellent swimmer – the level of experience varies as I’ve seen people stop in the middle of their lap to walk the rest of it out to others appearing to have swam competitively.  

The public pools uptown that are part of the program include Jackie Robinson Park, Marcus Garvey Park, and the pool at the top of Central Park.

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