Harlem, On Top Of The World
Posted on January 11, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Hakim R. Canter-McMillan

I have lived in Harlem all of my life. When I was born in 1980 my family lived at 3333 Broadway in a 1 BR apartment in the D building. My Godmother lived in the C building and would take care of me and my sister whenever my Mom and Dad were working or just needed some time away. When I was 4 years old my family bought a Brownstone on 120th overlooking Mt. Morris Park where I played baseball with the Harlem Little League and went to the massive pool during the summer. Growing up here has instilled in me a deep love for the history and energy that it gives off. New York has been known for its various neighborhoods, each with its own energy and life, that is separate and patchwork that continuously draws people to this wonderful city.

red roosterIn a time when most neighborhoods have become somewhat unvaried and interchangeable, Harlem has been one of the few places that has kept its individuality. The strength of its culture and history, the life that draws people to this neighborhood has only gotten better with time. With the addition of places like Melba’s and Harlem Underground, which are owned by home-grown Harlemites, to Cedric’s, Red Rooster and Peque, Harlem has become the place to be!! With a variety of things to do, from a night out at the theater with the George Faison Firehouse Theater, the first African American to win a Tony for his choreography of “The Wiz”, to dinner at Red Rooster, Marcus Samuelson’s famous eatery, to spending a day at the Studio Museum of Harlem you never have to leave. I love taking the time to explore all the new haunts that Harlem has and I can be a pretty good tour guide if you’re looking for one.

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