Have you ever thought about starting a career in Real Estate? I have some information that can help|
Posted on January 5, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Daoud Heidami

Upper Manhattan- Starting a Career in Real Estate.

Daoud Heidami, a successful real-estate agent for over a decade, offers his insight on starting a career in real-estate.

Have you ever thought about starting a career in Real Estate? I have some information that can help!

Hi there! My name is Daoud Heidami and I’m an active real estate professional and trainer at Bohemia Realty Group. Emily Ackerman and I lead a real estate sales team in addition to training new agents. I’ve taken the time to answer some questions that will best illuminate our work ethic so that you may get a taste of what joining our team looks like -- we offer the opportunity of hybrid training (for both sales and rentals).

How is Bohemia Realty Group different when it comes to training agents from other firms?

At Bohemia we partner every new trainee with a mentor. Our objective is to train you to be a great real estate agent. Emily and I are active agents ourselves and have a great understanding of the market and how it shifts both for sales and rentals. We will be side by side with you during your deals so that you’re not only representing our firm well, but so that you know what to do when communicating with your clients. We will also walk you through the whole sales process (and all the intricacies that go along with making a purchase while avoiding the pitfalls) including:
- How to qualify a buyer and understand their buying power (debt to income ratio & understanding what qualifies as liquid assets).
- How to make sure your buyer is getting the best deal by advocating for them as strongly as possible (and getting the greatest return on investment by performing comparable reports).
- Training on how to list a property:
- Prepping a property to be sold (marketing).
- Understanding pricing in the area by performing comparable reports.
- Open houses and getting to closing while avoiding pitfalls.


What kind of training courses do you offer for sales training?

Our sales director, Beth Gittleman, leads an intensive introductory sales course. After Beth’s course, Emily and I offer one-on-one coaching and individual workshops for our team. We also have top professionals from different areas (mortgage lenders, lawyers, etc.) come in to discuss a variety of different topics, including ‘How to Save Your Clients Money with a CEMA’ and ‘Understanding and Operating Plans and Building Financials.’ Understanding this high level of information is meant to empower you as an agent so that you’re advocating for your buyer or seller to the highest level.

We also work with you on a variety of topics including, but not limited to:
- How to save your buyers money
- Understanding estate sales
- How to save buyers money when shopping for a mortgage
- How to execute a buy/sell transaction
- Every single sale is different and in order to be of value to your client, you’ll need to understand the framework and subtleties of each of these transactions.

What makes a good real estate agent?

Education, listening, trust and expertise.

Buying a home is usually the greatest investment a person will make in their lifetime. You have to know the market, save your clients money and know the process so you can walk your clients through it.

A good real estate agent is also someone who is unafraid to kill a deal after discovering information about a purchase (building financials). We know this market very well and our goal is for you to be able to empower your clients with information because at the end of the day, they’re the ones who will live with their decision.

Our objective is to make buying and selling as easy as possible by mapping out the entire process and taking you through every single step of the way.

How do I master a successful business plan/track?

Whatever your goals are in real estate, there are many opportunities for this career to be whatever you like. We start most of our trainees in rentals, because that’s how you learn the inventory, the market, and start to gain a client base. Since upper manhattan is still a value market, we teach you how to maximize every appointment so you can close both rentals and sales. Most people think the American dream is out of reach in Manhattan, but we’re here to remind you that it isn’t, especially in upper Manhattan. For example, If you have a client looking to rent a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan for $2,100 a month -- we train you to have a conversation with them about purchasing. The client (or someone they know) might be able to purchase something in the near future, with payments that are equal to what they would be paying for rent. We want our agents to have a wide range of knowledge, so that they have the tools to take every opportunity that presents itself.

Why are you are you both good real estate agents?

Emily and I discovered that we’re stronger when working together, than working individually. We both have Fine Arts backgrounds and excel at thinking outside the box. We have a solid foundation of sales transactions under our belt, each of us being unique with different skill-sets that make getting to the closing table an easy one for our clients. Utilizing our expert knowledge and tireless work ethic, we’re able to mentor the next generation of salespeople and geek out over the ins and outs of real estate. We have a blast performing our work and love watching the people we mentor become successful. It’s empowering to teach new agents and we look forward to hearing from you!