Have you met Inwood Hill Park?
Posted on July 5, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Marie Maucort

Inwood Hill Park

A little less than two years ago I didn’t even know Inwood Hill Park existed. A place that, in it’s endless resources and quiet beauty, has been my saving grace in this crazy city.

In the summer of 2014, in search of more spacious accommodations for our little family, which includes two adorable little boys who seemingly morphed into two strapping young men overnight, we relocated to Inwood, or what I lovingly refer to as the super duper, tippy-top of Manhattan. It is the northern-most neighborhood in Manhattan, that countless friends recommended to me because of it’s affordable larger spaces and growing population of young families, but until I commenced our apartment search had never even been to before.

Flash forward 2 years and here I am, an Inwood aficionado, a total pro, sitting at my computer desk in that very neighborhood… I could write a book! Well, more accurately, I could write a blog, a little one, about my very favorite part of living here: Inwood Hill Park, an unsung treasure and literally the most wild and wonderful place in all of New York City… in my humble opinion.

Let’s just back up for a minute and acknowledge how truly lovely it is up here surrounded by water, nestled between three of NYC’s most majestic parks. First, you’ve got the Hudson River Greenway. It has amazing Hudson River views, biking and jogging trails, and recreation areas that stretch for miles and miles. Next, home to everyone’s favorite castle museum, The Cloisters, is Fort Tryon Park, with it’s divinely landscaped gardens, winding paths, and fantastic restaurant (New Leaf), it is a true gem.

And then, there’s Inwood Hill Park, (cue: the heavens opening, glowing lights and angels singing), my personal escape from the city without leaving the city. Seriously though, you guys, if you’ve never been here, or (like me circa 2014,) have never even heard of it… it’s just amazing. This gigantic wonderland is everything. The list of its features is ridiculous, really. There are basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, a dog park, racquetball courts, tennis courts (free ones… that are actually available!), TWO playgrounds (and because as we parents know, you gotta put your kids in water when it gets hot, they both have sprinkler/ water features!)… is that it? Probably not. I don’t even know! But the best part? The part that makes this Oregon girl so very happy? The acres and acres of real, honest to goodness, lush, dense woods. Like, over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house kind of woods! It’s phenomenal how fast the city just slips away once I wander past the recreational areas and into the trees. The sweet smell of the plants, the crunch of leaves and twigs under my feet, the clean air… in a city idolized for its design prowess, both interior and exterior, fashion and fauna, this un-manicured, wild, luxuriously peaceful stretch of land feels fathoms from the hustle and bustle and unrelenting clatter of the city. It’s remarkable what a morning nature walk, an afternoon hike, or winter sledding session in this glorious park can do to recharge ones’ mind and body. And it’s literally a stone’s throw from the A train!

If you are up for an exhilarating yet calming experience that will cost you absolutely nothing, consider heading up to the super-duper, tippy-top of Manhattan and go for a leisurely stroll through the woods. Bring Your kids, bring your dog, bring your paramour for a snog at the highest point in the city ;). And if it happens to be a Saturday morning, don’t forget to hit the Inwood Farmer’s Market to complete your magical and holistic experience. (I couldn’t NOT mention the Farmer’s Market, could I?) I hope to see you up here!