Posted on July 23, 2013

Bohemia Blog by Agent Karen C. Paul

by Karen Cantor

Nothing says summer like grabbing a basket and heading over to your local greenmarket. Long a staple of the downtown scene - Mario Batali picking up his fresh chives in Union Square, anyone? - the Farmer's market movement has migrated uptown and this year there are more than ever.

One of my favorites and one of the biggest is in Inwood. On Isham street every Saturday, the street is blocked off as vendors from Upstate Farms crowd the street, selling their summer's best: ripe strawberries, plump eggplants, the bluest of berries and more. Neighbors crowd the street, drinking cider, walking dogs, talking with friends -- the market strengthens this community, bringing everyone out in search of good, locally sourced foods.

A bit further down on Broadway, in the center of Morningside Heights, right outside the gates of Columbia, a market goes up every Sunday. Not quite as plentiful as the well-established Inwood Farmer's market, it's been growing every year (and it's year-long which means you can get fresh eggs even in the dead of winter!). Booths sell fresh fruits and veggies plus don't miss the fresh foccacia bread sold at the Baker's Bounty stand - it will tempt even the most hard-core of the gluten free dieters!

And, in June, right on Adam Clayton and 125th, Harlem's own Greenmarket opens! As they say on their website "It's like Union Square with a Harlem Flair." Running every Tuesday from 10 to 5 and Friday from 3 to 8, Harlem's greenmarket offers not only the requisite fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic dairy products, but there food and wine tastings. On Friday nights, bands will play and dance companies will perform. It's not just a market, it's a party!

This is a fresh food renaissance and it's happening in the middle of Harlem, on the tip of Manhattan in Inwood and the many neighborhood in-between. A movement that provides nutritious, local, healthy food that is accessible to everyone no matter where they are on the island!