Inwood: A Breath Of Fresh Air
Posted on August 31, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Raymond Werdane

Inwood has been a favorite destination for many New Yorkers for over a century now. Notable Inwood guests include Isidor Straus (co-owner of Macy's), Lucille Ball and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, to name a few! Personally, living in Manhattan’s Northernmost neighborhood, I have found many treasures that have made Inwood truly unique. Whether it’s sighting a bald eagle in the park or enjoying authentic Dominican cuisine, Inwood offers many many discoveries that are Manhattan’s best-kept secrets!



Inwood is a break from the city life, perfect for your meditation, recreation, or hiking needs. I and many Bohemia Realty Group Agents have chosen Inwood not only for its vast green forests and recreational parks but also for its bike trails and fishing facilities. Most of which are rare to find in Manhattan. There is no wonder why Inwood was favorited by the Native American tribe of the Lenape people, which have been known for creating their Indian “majestic caves,” which are still visible to this day.



Commuting to the city is easy. Being minutes from the Bronx, catching a bus to the East Side is not an issue. Also, being at the beginning of the A train you are guaranteed a seat for your busy morning commute, which will only take you 25 minutes to Midtown!

Is Inwood Affordable?

What attracts so many New Yorkers to Inwood is the affordability of rentals and being able to own your home. Bohemia Realty Group has helped a lot of residents of New York to find their home. Inwood hosts many large charming pre-war units close to Parks and public transportation.

Moving to Inwood?

Inwood has been dubbed as the up and coming neighborhood. Whether this is fact or not. The notion still exists that many New Yorkers are fascinated about the gems that Inwood has to offer. Interestingly enough, Inwood has been approved for rezoning, which means more New Yorkers will be calling Inwood home in the near future!


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