Inwood: A Green Oasis for City Kids
Posted on December 12, 2018


I moved to Inwood 21 years ago. Thatís right, over 2 decades ago! Upon graduating from college in Cambridge, MA, my roommate and I arrived in NYC as two young starry-eyed aspiring actors. We scoured the city for cheap, big apartments, and settled on Inwood for three reasons: massive cheap apartments, proximity to the A express train, and hundreds of acres of parks with river views. We rented an $806 a month 2 bedroom (this WAS 21 years ago), and I never left.

Iíve since grown up and had a daughter, and Inwood turned out to be an amazing place to raise a family. It is rich in history and has a wonderful small town community feel. My daughter attends a wonderful progressive arts-based public elementary school 3 blocks from our home, and during our downtime, we enjoy every inch of our gorgeous parks!

If youíre looking for a cheap, big apartment, look no further than Inwood! From classic pre-war gems alongside the parks to units with more modern touches like washer/dryers and stainless steel appliances, thereís an apartment for everyone in Inwood. You can be in Midtown Manhattan in 25 minutes on the A express train, and the 1 train services local stops to the Upper West Side and beyond. If youíre looking to buy in Upper Manhattan, there are still amazing deals to be had in wonderful pre-war co-op buildings and new condo developments.

My daughter and I love to spend a Saturday visiting our year-round Farmers Market, on Isham street, followed by brunch with friends at somewhere like Indian Road Cafe,Tubby Hook, or Garden Cafe. Then, we head out into Inwood, picking a spot to spend the day. Here are my daughterís top five picks for a sunny weekend day uptown!

#1 The many trails in the forest of Inwood Hill Park


One of the most unique things about Inwood is Inwood Hill Park itself. 196 acres of forever wild woods, it is an absolute paradise for people seeking a respite from the bustle of the city. Home to the famous Indian caves, incredible vistas of the Hudson River, and bald eagles, owls, red tail hawks, along with songbirds galore. My daughter absolutely loves a family walk through these paths, exploring as if we lived in the country.


At the base of the paths near the bottom of the park is the Shorakkopoch rock, where, legend has it Peter Minuit purchased the Island of Manhattan for "mere trinkets." Along the river at Dyckman fields is a wonderful flat path for biking and picnicking and watching all sorts of sports being played.

#2 Isham Park


This sweet park perched on a hilltop between beautiful co-op buildings is where our neighborhood comes to picnic and ride scooters. Thereís a beautiful memorial garden honoring Bruce Reynolds, a Port Authority police officer who died in the 9/11 tragedy. Local parents and artists host art classes for kids here, and artists from the neighborhood exhibit their art. Isham Park is also home to our annual egg hunt and our Halloween pumpkin pageant, where we light our pumpkins together.

#3 Indian Road Playground

This is our crown jewel of playgrounds. Itís roughly 9 years old, with a water feature on hot summer days, two climbing structures for various ages, and a sand pit. Nestled in the park under a canopy of trees, it provides cool shade on hot days, and in fall months you have a beautiful view of our own salt marsh, where lately weíve had our own Harbor Seal, "Sealy."


#4 The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum


My curious little girl absolutely loves a visit to this free museum. Itís a Dutch Colonial style farmhouse that was built on this site in 1784 and is the last remaining farmhouse in Manhattan. Situated in a beautiful garden right in the busy intersection of Broadway and 204th street, it is filled with authentic historic furniture tableaus from the time period, and full of rich details of what the farmland that is now Inwood used to be like.

#5 Anne Loftus Playground/Fort Tryon


Is our other incredible park, bordering the southern end of our neighborhood. With incredible views of the Hudson River, The Metropolitan Museum of Artís Cloisters museum, and a lovely layout designed by the famous Olmstead, itís another wonderful place to explore. At the base of the Inwood side sits Anne Loftus Playground, a sprawling and energetic space to spend a sunny day with friends.

If youíre looking to buy or rent a well-priced apartment in Inwood, come to visit us in "Upstate Manhattan." This local would be more than happy to show you around!


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