Jared's Hamilton Heights
Posted on February 15, 2016

Hi there, Jared here! If you’re like me, and love eating check out some of my favorite places in Hamilton Heights. Let’s start with a sensible diner, shall we?


One of my personal favorites is Bus Stop Diner, right on the corner of 135th Street and Broadway. Just like your typical diner, they have everything from yummy breakfast foods, to delicious sandwiches, wraps, and salads. I’m a big fan of their chicken caesar wrap, their DELICIOUS grilled cheese, or their chicken parmigiana sandwich! AND to make it even better, they deliver! So whenever you're in the mood for a quick delivery, just go to your good friend, SEAMLESS, and hit up Bus Stop Diner, and you’ll have a quick meal at your door in no time. If delivery ain’t your thing, pop on in and grab a seat. Everyone is super friendly, making this a wonderful neighborhood staple, in my opinion.

2Ok, bear with me on this one. Now, you're reading a blog about my favorite places in my hood. So, why am I putting a DELI as one of them. Well, let me be honest here, Wally Deli on 135th Street and Broadway is SO DARN YUMMY. It’s PERFECT for that late night craving of fried food, sandwiches, and burgers. You name it, Wally has it. I particularly love their mozzarella sticks. The people that work there are awesome, and if you go in often, (I plead the fifth), they remember your order, and ask you if you're having the usual, and start making it.

Now, lets say you're out and about at night, and looking for a fun chill bar to 3hang out at. Well, you're in luck, because I’ve got a great place for you. You should totally check out The Draft House on 142nd and Broadway. Yes, as I am sure you can figure out from the name, they have ALL THE BEER on tap. Yes, please. You guys, I LOVE this place. The vibe is very chill, the bartenders and wait staff are awesome, and they've got yummy eats. Including some awesome sensible bar pizzas. Who doesn't like beer and pizza? I sure do. One of the things I really enjoy about Draft House, is that during the summer, they have sensible out door tables, and its a very happening joint! Great way to meet your neighbors!

Well, if you couldn't figure it out, we’ve learned a few things here. Jared loves eating. And there are awesome places to do that in Hamilton Heights. So be like Jared, check out some of these places.