Let's Keep Harlem Clean!
Posted on January 3, 2014

By BRG Agent Tim Heath

Harlem is a beautiful place to visit, work and live. I have been working in Harlem since June, when I transitioned into the real estate business and joined Bohemia Realty Group as a rental agent. Like many long time New Yorkers, I had some knowledge of Harlem, but I was not aware of the vastness and and charm it provides. I frequently bicycle around when I work, so I am able to explore new routes and areas. I have become fond of the various neighborhoods, parks and restaurants. I also have many news friends, colleagues and acquaintances; because as real estate agents, we come into contact with many people as we make our rounds.

As much as I am embracing Harlem and taking pleasure in my new job, there is one underlying issue in Harlem that I feel can be improved upon. It pains me to see how litter and garbage seem to be more prevalent in Harlem than in other parts of the city. Litter is something that can be controlled and improved upon if we all work together. I cringe when I am walking up the expansive stairway in St. Nicholas Park and I come across piles of recent fast food litter dumped on the ground. Harlem is so alluring, it is painful to see it defaced because people insist on littering. With the new mayor coming into office, it is evident there is change in the air. The Green Movement, is everywhere and many sociological issues are being addressed to make the world a better place. The time is right to start a collective effort to address Harlem's litter challenge. There is much the city can provide in terms of more trash cans and an awareness campaign. The mayor elect is open to new ideas on how to improve our wonderful city. I encourage all of us to reach out to the new administration and ask for a public awareness campaign to to Decrease the Litter in Harlem and to provide more trash receptacles for Harlem's public parks and spaces. I am going to do this and I hope everyone that reads this will do it as well.