Local Bronx Dance Company REDIDance Gives Back
Posted on August 9, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Simonne Michelle Hill

REDiDance, founded by Bronx native, Beverly Lopez, 25, is a Bronx dance company that gives back. The name, REDiDance, stands for Reflect, Engage, Deliver and accumulates to REDi. The idea is as an artist, there is a need to be ready for anything and utilizing reflection and engagement as tools, the artist can deliver.

Bronx Dance Company REDIDance

About the Bronx Dance Company REDiDance:

For teenagers in the Bronx, it is often too expensive to be a part of dance programs, camps, or workshops. That is why REDiDance hosts the Dance Bridge “I AM” series. The workshop gives teens the opportunity to train in an array of different dance genres from Hip-hop, Afro-Modern, Salsa, Contemporary, House, and more. Usually held in the summer and spring, the Dance Bridge program last three to five days. Any teenager or pre-teen from 10-18 can join the program for $30 (for the 3-day program) or $50 (for the 5-day program). The fee helps keep the workshop going and pays for the space, at a low cost of just $10 a day for the student, a fraction of the of many other dance workshops and camps.

Check out more of the Bronx Dance Company REDIDance on Instagram

Check out more of the Bronx Dance Company RediDance on Instagram

All teachers are volunteers at REDiDance. There is no "typical day" at the Dance Bridge Workshop because REDiDance likes to keep the kids guessing, focused and ready to take on any challenge. The day usually starts with a warm-up and then REDiDance engages the teens in different creative exercises. The idea behind the exercises is to empower the teens and have them explore themselves, the realities surrounding us and one another through dance. They encourage them to know that no matter what they’re going through, who they are is always worth sharing with the world. Through dance, these teenagers find self-love, empowerment, and a positive creative outlet. REDiDance always makes sure to incorporate a time at the end of the day for the teens to reflect on what was learned, what was a challenge, and what they felt confident in. It is all about finding your strength and being grateful for the challenges because it's an opportunity to grow.

My Experience with the Bronx Dance Company REDiDance:

As a member of REDiDance and a volunteer Dance Bridge instructor, there is so much I love about this program. The mission is to encourage and help these kids realize that no matter what stage they are in life, how young, old, experienced, or inexperienced, they all have something to offer. You have to believe that about yourself because that is your power. I love seeing them come out of their shells and work together. It creates a true sense of community. They learn to embrace each other even though they are often from different backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. None of that matters, it's all about the work, being true to your individuality and helping each other grow by being respectful and most importantly, ready!

Bronx Dance Company REDIDance ensemble

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