Newly Opened Uptown Hotspots
Posted on June 13, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Lindsay Nelms

One of the best things about living uptown (above 110th street) is being a part of the ever growing option of restaurants, bars and coffee shops! Any given week you can literally stumble upon a place that wasn’t there the week prior. Below are my top 3 NEW places that have opened this year.


Harlem Burger (119th/FDB)

-Harlem Burger is so new there isn’t even a yelp page for it yet. Owned by the same people of Harlem Pizza Co (116/Lenox), this joint literally opened its doors a week ago. Their first night open they ran out of food by 10pm! The food is A++ quality, but expect to wait because every time I pass by there is line out the door.


ACP Coffee (ACP/134)

-ACP Coffee (pictured above) opened about 3 months ago. The chai tea latte is on par and the décor is clean & simple. Perfect location to grab something on the way to the subway.


Tampopo Ramen (181/Benet)

-Tampopo Ramen, I believe, actually opened in December of 2015 but I did not find it until a couple months later. If you like traditional ramen this place will not disappoint. The interior is intimate and cozy. Since summer time isn’t ideal weather for hot noodle soup, I will be counting down the days until it gets cooler again and I can heat up with this little gem of a spot.