Packing Hack Confessional
Posted on September 28, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Nadine Nassar

OR ďDonít count the days, make the days countĒ (Muhammad Ali)

After youíve spent days, weeks or even months looking for a new place to live, you find it, share most of your personal details and hand over a chunk of money to secure it. Now itís time to pack.

Whether one room or an entire home, packing, and moving can be a harrowing experience. Do you do it yourself and save some money? Do you allow a stranger to go through and organize your things?

As you navigate through this change, see if these tips can help.

Close up of businesswoman packing clothes into travel bag - Luggage and people concept

Packing Tip 1:

Start with what you know:

- Take inventory of what you have.
- Divide your stuff by groups & rooms when possible, donít mix things up.
- Start throwing away or donating items you don't need, try not to hoard.
- Start a box with items that you will need immediately after you move and keep that box open until the end.

Packing Tip 2:

Use what your momma gave ya:

- Pillowcases, sheets, towels, socks, t-shirts etc. are great for packing dishes, glassware and other breakables.
- Pack books and shoes in suitcases with wheels for easy transport.

Packing Tip 3:

Bag it:

- Donít pack garbage bags, sandwich bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Use them!
- Wrap jewelry in plastic wrap to avoid tangling.
- Keep clothes on hangers. Make a hole in the middle of each garbage bag (get the ones with a drawstring) and use them as garment bags. Cinch the bottom and tie it off so nothing gets dragged or gets lost.
- Cover open bottles and toiletries with plastic wrap or foil. If youíre paranoid about leakage, use duct tape. you can also use sandwich or freezer bags.
- Pillows and blankets make for great padding.

Packing Tip 4:

Be E-Ready:

- The most common hacks for organizing wires include using toilet or paper towel rolls, labels for each wire, binder clips or even clothespins.
- I realized pretty quickly that Iím not going to do any of these things so if youíre like me just keep each device cord with its partner when possible and call it a day!
- Most importantly, fully clear and donate your old hardware and wires. If youíre not using them give them to someone who can. Some programs include Medic Mobile, Brotherhood/Sister Sol in Harlem, Wireless Foundationís Call to Protect Program, StRUT and more.

Packing Tip 5:

I Box therefore I am:

- Avoid the grocery store freebies. Iíve had many battles with bugs in NYC and you donít need to import any critters to your new place.
- Try getting free boxes from an office supply store, bookstores, or the U-Haul box exchange.
- Donít overstuff.
- Label everything so you know whatís what.

If time is getting away from you reading this blog instead of packing and you have some money stashed away for this kind of thing, hire a packer/mover or a task rabbit to help. Now go and nest!

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