Spring in South Harlem
Posted on February 29, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Samuel Linwood Kiernan


So, as the trusty groundhog told us this year - spring is coming very soon and I cannot wait. I really dislike the winter for obvious reasons and even though this one was pretty mild, that enormous snow storm we got was my yearly fix. I know that we still have a good few weeks, so I don’t want to jinx it. I want to think forward and remember all my favorite things about SPRING. First off, I know my two french bulldogs Winnie and Bruno are going to be ecstatic when I start taking them back to the Morningside Dog Run. It is a fantastic place to let your dogs run free and is located between 113th and 114th streets on Morningside Avenue. They have both a large and small section if your little dog has a big dog phobia and it has a drinking fountain for your thirsty pups.

My next favorite thing is dining outside.  Frederick Douglass Blvd has so many incredible restaurants and so many of them have outdoor seating. Go to the jazz brunch and sit in the sun at Harlem Tavern or walk across the street to Lido to have a drink at the bar.  The energy of Harlem at the break of spring is so rejuvenating. New York in winter time can be so dark and gloomy. Everyone is just hibernating in their apartments, ordering Seamless and wanting the sun to come back.  When the first day of spring hits and everyone comes out of hiding, it’s always my favorite day of the year.

springtime-in-harlem-2Spring is clearly a fantastic season, especially in New York and now for the real estate perspective on why spring is great. The beginning of spring is when the you still have a fighting chance on getting a deal in the New York rental market. Once the weather gets a little hot and spring is on it’s way out, landlords know that summer is hugely competitive and will drive the prices up knowing that people will pay higher than market value to secure the apartment they want. So, if you’re not sure if you're staying in your apartment or you’re looking for a new place, spring is the time to move. Not only is it a great time to get a deal, but it’s a much more enjoyable time to look at apartments as well. We all go to work early and by the time we get out the sun is starting to set, but with spring, you’ll be able to really gage what your desired apartment looks like in the light. It’s a lovely time of year and you all know now, that springtime is the best.