Posted on August 25, 2013

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by Don Burroughs




New Yorkers love their dogs.  This is a good thing considering that even the most spacious apartment can feel cramped when your St Bernard is ready for playtime.  Thankfully, if you are dog owner who lives above 110th Street you are in dog run heaven!

Morningside Park Dog Run:  114th to 119th St, Manhattan Ave to Morningside Dr.Morningside Park blends dramatic landscaping with the pleasures of a community

park. Built on a steep incline, multiple playgrounds nestle at the bottom of its cliff-like hillside, and visitors pause along its heights to take in a unique view.  You can take in

views of St John’s Cathedral above you while your dog gets some social time in the enclosed dog run.

St.Nicholas Park Dog Run: Located in the middle of the park near 136th Street, St. Nicholas Park features one of the City’s largest dog runs – the St. Nick’s Dog Run. Members of the Friends of St. Nicholas Park spent two years fundraising, receiving approvals, and constructing this great addition to the park, which features a shady expanse of varied terrain and a special area for smaller dogs. The active dog community helps maintain the run and hosts a monthly coffee social for dog owners called the Coffee Bark.

Marcus Garvey Park Dog Run: 5th Ave at 120th st.  Home to the Pelham Fritz Recreation Center which boasts a pool, outdoor amphitheatre, and fitness facility, Marcus Garvey Park is also home to a wonderful community of dog owners.  One look at their facebook page  and it is clear that you will be going to the dog park for yourself as much as for your dog.

Thomas Jefferson Park Dog Run: 1st Avenue to FDR Drive, East 111 to 114 streets. Although only a few blocks long, this friendly neighborhood park is packed to the brim with things to do.  On busy days, runners circle the track while groups of friends shoot hoops, hit balls, and take advantage of the baseball and handball courts. The small recreation center on its grounds offers a fitness room, exercise equipment, and classes for those looking for a good workout. In the summer the park takes on a whole new character, when the outdoor pool is opened and families come out to use the barbeque grills and picnic tables. But no matter what the weather is like, Thomas Jefferson Park always offers plenty to do including a great dog run!

Tryon Park Dog Run (aka Sir William’s Dog Run): In the park, near the Cloisters and the playground near Broadway and Dyckman. Centuries after its creation, park goers can picnic, run, play, and enjoy the historic architecture that has survived and thrived within Fort Tryon Park.  Beyond its dedication to natural beauty, as evidenced by its gardens and grounds, the park is unique in its dedication to manmade art.  Perched high above its northern grounds are the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum which houses nearly 5,000 medieval works in a reconstructed monastery. After soaking up ancient artwork, visitors can venture next door to the New Leaf Restaurant & Bar, an upscale restaurant perfect for romantic dinners and friendly brunches.  For more lazy afternoons, Fort Tryon has a dog run, complete with a gazebo for dog owners to sit and socialize, as well as two playgrounds. The pristine view of the Hudson River makes the park the perfect setting for outdoor lunches, bike rides, and strolls.  You can more about Fort Tyron’s dog community on their facebook page.




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