Summer of Love or The One That Got Away?
Posted on August 16, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Michaela Morton

If you're like anybody else who's ever hunted for an apartment in NYC, you've got a story about the one that got away. Examples being: the 3 bedroom priced like a 1 bedroom, the corner apartment so sunny you were worried about your shade plants, or (the worst!) the first apartment you saw in the city back when you thought that in-unit laundry was totally normal and dishwashers grew on trees. Sort of like if you'd never seen a girl and the first one you saw was Gisele Bundchen. #SkewedExpectations

But, there's a substantive difference between the one that never loved you (#AintGotTimeForThat), and the one you adored but couldn't commit to (#BeBraveSayILoveYou). Am I right?

So, from a broker who makes matches 300 days a year, here are my three tips on how not to get your heart broken on the hunt this summer:

1) Don't Date Crazy.

If you're on Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, you go speed dating every night, and whenever someone asks you out you say, "Sure, why not?" - get ready for romantic burnout. The same thing goes for shopping for apartments with Streeteasy, Naked Apartments, Craigslist, Padmapper and don't-get-me-started on (mainly stocked with outdated aggregated listings, giving you a skewed, this-was-40-pounds-ago look at the market). StreetEasy is reliable and so is the Bohemia website -- add to those resources a solid broker matchmaker and you're on your way to a love story rather than another episode of 50 First Dates. So in conclusion, be smart about the avenue you choose to find your next apartment.

2) Love Yourself.

Not to get all Instagram sunsets on ya now, but how you gonna love somebody else if you don't love yourself? The Real estate application: take care of you by prepping your paperwork to save stress later. Trust you by acknowledging what's really most important and not compromising on the essentials. And protect you by working with a broker who actually treats you like you're a human. You're worth it.

3) Believe in Love at First Sight.

Attraction, infatuation, downright lust are plenty of the elements that characterize love at first sight. Now, these aren't always so sustainable when it comes to two human beings actually living life together. But a human and an apartment? Bring it on. If you have instant chemistry pay attention. This isn't dating. You don't need years. If you need a home and you like the one you're standing in then put a (key)ring on it.

Basically, we can do this search like reality TV without the tabloid blow-up later. So, don't break your own heart, and if you need a broker who won't break your heart either, give Bohemia a call.

Here's to your love story -- May it Last!