The Duck's Feet: Meditations of a Bohemia Real Estate Agent
Posted on October 9, 2013

By BRG Agent Matthew Murumba


It's true, I often think a great agent is like a duck in a pond. If we're doing our jobs well, you're only seeing 70% of the work being done behind the scenes in order to get you that apartment you love.

As someone looking for an apartment, this scenario might seem familiar; you see an ad, meet the agent, visit some apartments, apply, get approved, sign a lease and move-in. It can be a daunting process at times, but hopefully at the end of it all you find yourself in a great place to live. What may be harder to see along the way is the method in navigating the process from deposit to move-in.


Each client and each landlord are different, often is subtle ways. Once you've decided to apply for an apartment, a skilled agent goes to work building the strongest case possible for your approval with those subtle differences in mind. The better the agent, the stronger the case, and the higher probability that a given landlord will look favorably on your application.


At Bohemia we take great care to understand what's most important to the landlords we work with and really do bring that knowledge to bear when advocating for our clients. In a city where there are many more people looking for apartments than there are great apartments to rent, having a skilled agent truly can make all the difference. I'm glad I work at a place that takes pride in navigating that process better than most!