The Inís and Outís of NYC Renting - A Scoop on Scoping Out Smaller Spaces
Posted on November 9, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Michaela Morton

New York is a crazy place to hunt for housing, full of glitz and glam and gut renovations and tiny nooks masquerading as bedrooms and slightly larger nooks masquerading as homes. And while itís tempting to just put on your rose-colored glasses and pray, a bit more of a Rosie-the-Riveter tint will help you envision the unseen upsides to every space.

Below are three tips to help you make the most of your home hunt from a happy human and real estate agent living in a 250SF apartment in Harlem:

04-tape-measure-lixer-caliber-630DON'T BE A SNOB ABOUT SQ FOOTAGE
If youíre buying, youíll get a decent estimate of the propertyís size in square feet, especially if itís new construction. But for most rentals, turnover is so high and renovations so pervasive that landlords donít publish square footage. That leaves the gut-instinct-to-verified-data ratio firmly in the renterís control.
a) bring a tape measure
b) pay attention to things like layout, light, and ceiling height.
c) Focus on the livability of the space far more than a 20SF difference in ďsize.Ē

d723fa8e0171db26a1a1219b2d462b4bTHINK VERTICALLY
As a realtor, Iíd say vertical space is NYCís most undervalued real estate asset. I canít tell you the number of apartments Iíve seen in which all use stops at the height of the tallest occupant! The best investment you can make in a small space is a cute footstool and a whole lotta shelving. Then, get creative! IKEA sells fabulous wall-mounted tension wires that are great for hanging lighter clothing items. Floating shelves solve the problem of books. Extra towels and linens can be stored in baskets on high. Heck, if you have cool folding chairs (like the army issue ones I scored on Etsy), you can mount them to the wall for an easy-but-not-omnipresent seating solution that wonít cramp your studio space.

How much is one closet technically worth in a one-bedroom apartment? Those of us who grew up in suburban environments (guilty!) may have an instinctive preference for cavernous storage space, along with an unclear understanding of our actual needs. Borrow a copy of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up two months before your move, and purge before you pack. That way, youíre not counting, or worse, hauling, unloved items from one home to the next ó only to throw them away after youíve dipped on your dream apartment cause it didnít have enough closets, Look: thereís going to be something unsightly but super functional youíll have to store in-house and out-of-sight (vacuum cleaner, broom, dustpan) ó but for the rest of your home goods, there are bureaus, floating shelves, baskets, room dividers and tech-savvy off-site storage alternatives (Try the MakeSpace!) that make seasonal switch-outs a snap.

For an alternative to storage in New York, Try MakeSpace

The more your get creative with layout, utilize vertical height, and prioritize the stuff you love most, the more youíll be able to find economy and oasis at home!