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Posted on July 10, 2017

Bohemia Blog by Agent Arron Lloyd

”The Inwood Insider”

I'm sitting here listening to music on my firetruck red Inwood NYC balcony (fire escape) on a lively holiday weekend preparing to go enjoy the 4th of July. There's a crisp summer breeze grazing my fingers and face that reminds me of a soothing breeze through the trees of Mississippi or another southern state. Inwood NY is just south of Bronx, is in Manhattan and is uptown while maintaining all of the southern manhattan charm. Inwood has the best of both worlds and is starting to be the place where everyone wants to be, and I'm about to list some of the reasons why. Before that though, I also wanted to let you know that July 4th marked my arrival to NY 6 years ago from my hometown of Bridgeport an hour away. I'm sitting here, laughter coming from the streets beneath me and fireworks blasting different shapes and hues of sizzling silvers, radiant reds and buoyant blues, thinking of how I've gotten here and how grateful I am of everything leading up to this moment- grateful for everything I've discovered, how I've grown and the friends I've made since arriving. Here's how to enjoy yourself (in one area, 1 street!) in my hood:

Must do's in beautiful Inwood:

Planet Fitness: (Vermilyea between Academy and Dyckman) For me this is a great place to be. You get one life, one body and I like to respect my health and fitness so naturally Planet Fitness close by was a big draw for me personally. Plus, since it's summer Planet Fitness is packed with people getting their summer health goals done. This means great opportunities to make new friends and meet new people while honoring yourself. Check out the GNC conveniently right next door too!

Fort Tryon Park foliage

Fort Tryon Park & Cloisters: (Riverside Drive to Broadway) After you get your workout done you can head to Fort Tryon Park to relax, soak in the sights at the top of the park near the Cloisters or invite some friends over for a picnic. Fort Tryon Park is a BEAUTIFUL park with fountains, play areas for kids and a picturesque castle (the cloisters) right on the top of the hill. And if you feel meh about Planet Fitness and health goals, you could just jog up to the castle for your workout. Bring your fav furry pet for the trail too and reward yourself with the museum.

Don Coqui in Inwood

Don Coqui: (Dyckman btwn Broadway and Vermilyea) In between Planet Fitness and the park is Don Coqui- one of the greatest restaurants in Inwood, and a great place for some food, a lounge-y atmosphere, good music and dancing. With a space that serves as both a restaurant and nightlife hangout, DC Dyckman's residents and patrons feel right at home with their selection of Caribbean cocktails, top shelf bottle service, Latin music and an inviting family atmosphere that reminds you of home.

Republica: (Dyckman btwn Sherman and Vermilyea) Republica isn't open yet but it is slated to open soon! I walk past it all of the time and it looks like an amazing spot. Republica is a restaurant, rooftop bar and lounge that will be a great place to go and enjoy yourself. It will have something for everyone. If you want to be low key and just relax and listen to music, you can enjoy the lounge, if you're hungry you can eat and if you want to party you can check out the rooftop bar.

La Marina in Inwood

La Marina: (348 Dyckman) Nestled right at the end of Dyckman with magnetic and magnificent views of George Washington Bridge and Jersey, La Marina has a great beach-y atmosphere, food, live music, jet ski's and a lounge. It's great for all occasions. If you want a romantic date spot, this is it. If you want to go out for a fun night with friends, this is it. If you want to relax and soak in some nature with some good music, this is it.

Inwood is it and I can't wait for you to #moveuptown. Maybe I'll bump into you at one of these spots.
I'm signing off, I'm off to celebrate! Talking about these places has me excited to go to one of them, or some others that I'll leave for you to discover on your own. That’s one of the best parts on Inwood- there is always something new for you to uncover. These are great places to start though.