Posted on August 24, 2013

Bohemia Blog by Agent Raphael F. Fetta


by Raphael Fetta

The real estate agent’s dirty little secret:

We care.

After more than 3 years in the real estate business (and many more as a consumer), most people would think I’d become cynical.  Oddly enough, the opposite has happened. 

In countless interactions with real estate professionals of all stripes, I can tell you, without reservation, that while most of us came to this business obliquely, the majority of us care quite directly about our clients’ well-being and happiness - much more than we care just about the commission down the road.  I know this sounds a bit Pollyanna-ish, and that there is doubtlessly a reason some brokers have gotten a bad name, but it’s absolutely true.

Perhaps I’ve been lucky – the places I’ve worked have always been havens for artists and second jobbers, people for whom people come first – but even the career real estate professionals and money-oriented ‘sharks’ I’ve worked with have been far more conscientious than the online and apocryphal horror stories would imply.

The most serious agents I’ve known often spend 60+ hours a week honing their knowledge and running around the city with the ultimate goal of serving their clients to the best of their ability.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out, and those defeats sting us just as much as they do our clients.  While money is a huge aspect of every real estate deal, we are always talking about someone’s home or livelihood, and we feel that acutely.


Several studies have listed ‘Real Estate Agent’ in the top-10 most stressful jobs category, and for good reason.  The inherent uncertainty and emotional intensity of real estate transactions is obvious, and an agent’s job is to navigate every aspect (availabilities, renovations, leases, supers…you name it) to create a bulwark against the ebbs and flows of information and situations that can drive a client crazy.  Agents absorb the abuse of ‘The Market’ so the client doesn’t have to, and speaking for myself, it simply wouldn’t be worth the 11pm phone calls and occasional anxiety nightmares if I didn’t feel like I was helping someone in some way.  I think my fellow Bohemians would agree.