The Sweet Tooth Chronicles
Posted on March 16, 2016

A little nugget of wisdom: anyone who doesnít like sweets canít be trusted. Period. I believe in sugar. I stand by it. In moderation of course, and not the crappy sugar. I believe in sugar in itís highest art form. So donít go inhaling sugar straws after reading this. I donít support it.

Bottom line: Sweets make people happy. They provide comfort in times of great need and at certain specific times of the month for certain genders. Should you eat it in excess, probably not? But Iím not judging.

I love living uptown and since Iíve moved up here I have slowly and surely sought out the sugary treasures: the obvious big players and the hidden gems. Here are a few of my favorite things! Drooling is permitted.


2-260x260Darling Coffee (Broadway & 207th Street): Started by a local couple, this inviting shop is an amazing coffee spot, but did you know they also bake all their own sweets and savories daily in their kitchen? This is their Banana Nutella Bread Pudding. Please note they make their own homemade Nutella. Yes they do. Other favs include Hummingbird Bread, Carrot Cake, and their SíMore Cookies.




Levain Bakery (117th & Frederick Douglass aka Dangerously Close to our Harlem Office): This UWS staple and their intoxicating baked cookie smell is now also filling the nostrils of every South Harlemite. There is, of course, my favorite, the world-famous six-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie, but thereís plenty more to try. AND I personally love that whatever doesnít sell each day goes to help feed the hungry. Pretty stellar, Levain.




Tonnies Minis (Dyckman & Broadway): Build your own Cupcake Bar? Why not?! The most popular item is this dainty little Red Velvet Cupcake. The dulce de leche and carrot cake options look pretty stellar too.

So Excited for ChocNYC to open soon in Inwood. This is a game changer, folks.



More Honorable Sugar Fixes: Sweet Chef Southern Style Bakery (Hamilton Heights), Carrot Top Pastries (Wash Heights), Bake My Cake (Harlem)