Top 25 Things to Put on Your Target Shopping List for the Move Uptown
Posted on April 11, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Joseph Portaro

So you’ve made the conscious decision to make historic Harlem, trendy Hamilton Heights, or serene Hudson Heights your new home – congratulations! Your Bohemia real estate agent has been an angel from above who flawlessly guided you to a larger-than-life apartment and the submitted application has been approved. Score! Here’s the best new problem to have: this massive two-bedroom gut renovated prewar beauty has almost 1,000 square feet. What on earth am I going to need in order to conquer a space of this magnitude?

Only one magical place is the answer. Target.

[caption id="attachment_6318" align="alignleft" width="259"]Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News[/caption]

Now maybe you are thinking “Joe there are no Target stores in New York City, big box retailers have not yet mastered the urban landscape.” Prepare to be amazed. Not only are there Targets throughout the five boroughs, there are three nearby locations directly situated adjacent to the borders of Uptown. One is on the actual island of Manhattan near the very tip of East Harlem at East 117th & Pleasant Avenue. Another, my preferred spot, is on 225th Street & Broadway off the 1 Subway Train in the North Bronx. The third location some people might already be familiar with is at the Bronx Terminal Center alongside Yankee Stadium. It is directly across the 145th Street Bridge.

It’s the big day – time for a blissful shopping spree. Let’s be honest, the only reason an extraordinary moment like this is possible will be because of all the rent money you’ll be saving at your next place. Some other larger pieces like a bed or couch I’d recommend getting at a furniture retailer. But here are 25 other things to put on your Target list before the big move:

1: Area Rugs – Those perfectly polished hardwood floors need some protection and style. Grab a few sizes to mix and match.1

2: Welcome Mat – The staple of your new pad. My personal favorite is the “Woof” one.

3: Curtains & Curtain Rods – Window treatments complete the room.

4: Kitchen Dish Towels/Bathroom Towels – Get a few designs for every season.

5: Bedspread, Pillows & Sheets – Fresh linens.

6: Leather Ottomans – Great for storage & stretching out. They look great too.

7: Dining Table, Desk, and Bookshelves – If necessary.

8: Pots & Pans – So your inner chef can be released.

9: Ceramic & Corelle Plates, Bowls, Cups – Shatter resistant.

10: Wine Glasses – Of the utmost importance.

11: Refrigerator Magnets – For colorful creations.

12: Tupperware & Silverware – The more the merrier.

13: Napkin Holder & Paper Towel Holder – Back to basics.

14: Toaster Oven, Microwave, Croc Pot & Griddle. – For when the stove just doesn’t cut it.2

15: Keurig Coffee Maker – These are being pre-built into refrigerators now. Seriously?

16: Bath Mat – Even memory gel foam has made its way to these luxurious pads.

17: Shower Curtain – Don’t forget the inside liner!

18: Plunger – Dirty, but necessary.

19: Iron/Ironing Board – Depending on your dry cleaning habits.

20: Floor Lamps Plus Extension Cords & LED Light Bulbs – Always good to have plenty of spares on hand.

21: Cleaning Supplies – Broom, Dusting Pan, Clorox Wipes, Swiffers, 409, Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex. Or just invite mom over before your housewarming.

22: Paper Products – Paper towels, napkins, toiler paper.

23: Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets, Dish Soap & Hand Soap.

24: Hamper – For all those dirty clothes.

25: Canvas Wall Art & Decorations – Fill up that entire open wall space with gorgeous reinforced prints.






That’s it - the top 25-ish. Of course you’ll be making endless second and third trips to Target, just because you’ll love it so much. Each and every time will be one more step toward a complete and personalized home. Happy shopping!