Tricks and Treats: 5 Tricks to Calm your Mind When Getting Ready to Move into a New Treat of a Home
Posted on January 11, 2019

Take a breath, have some wine, and put down your phone at midnight, donít text your agent if that one nail hole in the wall was fixed...

The phrase "it takes an army" seems to be made for real estate. Especially for rentals in NYC. Behind your agent are a team of 5-10 people helping to get you into your apartment and no that isnít including your new landlord. This team is doing everything they can to speed up the process, but we are only human (I know- youíre shocked. You thought we were magical robots).

Below are 5 important facts to remember when planning out your new life in those sweet digs.

Real estate concept. Realtor is passing keys to the client sitting behind desk on blurred background.

1. When your agent is saying they are doing everything they can to expedite the process, they are telling the truth. The workings of a rental are like the inside of an old grandfather clock- so many wheels and spindles go into getting that application together and to the landlord. Tick-tock-tick! Please be patient! It takes an average of 2-5 days to get approved.

2. Do NOT schedule your movers before you have signed the lease. Nothing is a done deal until you sign your name on that line. So many things can change. You could get a new job across the country, a mistake could be made on the lease that needs to be fixed (yes- landlords are human too), etc. Telling your agent, "but I booked my movers!" wonít change the circumstances. Trust that your agent will do what they can to make sure that you get into that apartment on time for your movers. Itís just a better idea to wait! There are a plethora of movers, and your agent will be able to help set you up with great ones.

3. If there are things that need to be fixed in the apartment, trust that your agent is on it. They wonít let you move into an apartment without a refrigerator, broken windows, or dirty old paint on the walls. Take a breath. Delete that 10th text youíre writing them right now. Go get yourself some wine.

4. If you are in a huge time crunch and need to move ASAP do not choose a gutted apartment. Construction can take longer than planned, no matter how hard the workers are sawing and painting away.

5. Again with the time crunch- have your paperwork ready when meeting with your agent. The standard paperwork needed is a photo of your government ID, a letter verifying your employment, last yearís W2 statement, 2-4 recent pay stubs, and 2 recent bank statements. If it takes you days to get these together, thatís days that your application isnít reviewed by your agent and also your landlord. This one is all on you baby. Your agent will do what they can to get you to turn your paperwork in, but there is only so much thatís legal ;)

Extra! Be nice to your agent. Because we are awesome and we are on your team. We are your biggest cheerleader!

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