Upper Manhattan- 5 Reasons Why Harlem is the Best Place to Live Post-Grad Life-up
Posted on March 12, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Jordan Silver


1. Instagram Potential: with cobble-stoned streets, Riverside Park, street art, and tons of local bars, be the envy of all your friends with your ace social media presence, all thanks to living uptown.

2. The Subway Situation: With reliable local and express trains you have time for coffee at The Chipped Cup and a quick meditation or podcast on your 25 minute ride to Midtown. And even when the MTA is being…well, the MTA, it sure is better here than in Brooklyn!

3. Winning on the Weekend: keep it cozy in true spacious bedrooms and hop on over to the Bronx for Target and Bed Bath n Beyond to furnish your new digs. When you’re done with home-decor, check out hip, local bars like Harlem Public or The Wallace for drinks and new friends!

4. It’s Quiet Uptown: sure, the “city may never sleep” but you should! Escape the noise of lower Manhattan and feel like you’re back at the state you happily escaped from with quiet, friendly neighborhood volume.

5. Everyone Else is Doing It: Orange is the New Black and uptown is the new…uptown! Harlem has always had an edge and rich history, but with rent prices skyrocketing as uptown’s popularity grows, Bohemia has your back to get you the most bang for your buck and the least drama from your mama (or guarantor).