Upper Manhattan- Make Your Apartment Bloom
Posted on February 5, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Esther Marie Acosta

Make Your Apartment Bloom

Confession: I’m a crazy plant lady. To my husband’s chagrin, I’m slowly turning our apartment into an urban jungle. Before moving to NYC I always lived in apartments with outdoor space and though I don’t have that now I haven’t let it keep me from gardening.

Amongst the reasons to flex your green thumb are that plants clean your air, bring life and a bit of nature into your home and also serve as design accents. Fiddle leaf fig trees, Monsteras, Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant) and Marimo moss balls have all been trending on interior design blogs as well as Instagram.

Make Your Apartment Bloom

New to plants and not sure where to start? The most surefire way to gardening heartache is to pick a plant that won’t thrive in your apartment's growing conditions. If you’re a total beginner or have a black thumb some easy to care for plants are succulents, air plants, or Spider plants. Like cooking? Get a few herbs for your kitchen window. If you worry that your apartment doesn’t get enough light look into ZZ, Philodendrons and Snake plants. Slightly forgetful or travel a lot? Go for succulents or cacti since they prefer to stay on the drier side. If you’re a helicopter plant parent and have a tendency to overwater then ferns or banana plants would appreciate your attention. Should you be lucky enough to have outdoor space then there are many options you can find at gardening stores.

Upper Manhattan has some great shops where you can pick up a new green friend. Your neighborhood flower shop is a great place to start and will carry many common houseplants. If you want more exotic options, make a trip to specialty plant stores. Urban Garden Center in East Harlem is one of my personal favorites and last year they opened a foliage-filled coffee shop, UGC Eats, around the corner. The Plant Shed on 96th is always fun to visit. The Sill’s newly opened second location on the UWS holds weekly workshops. I’ve found their blog to be a great resource and their plant scientist holds weekly Q&A sessions on Instagram.

P.S. I've killed many plants along the way…including a few cacti. Trial and error is part of learning your way to a green thumb, so if you have plant killing trauma don't be afraid to try again.