Upper Manhattan- Neighborhood Markets and Local Designers
Posted on April 26, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Lindsay Nelms

By: Lindsay Nelms


IG: sugarhillmarket

Sugar Hill Market is a Harlem Bespoke curated boutique market featuring Harlem’s best selling locally made designer collections. The venue, La Masison d’Art, serves as a Harlem art gallery, a private event space and also happens to be a beautiful walk-through brownstone with an outdoor garden. Sugar Hill Market typically runs every other Saturday/Sunday from 1pm-6pm and houses some of the areas most well known artists/designers. I have highlighted some of my favorites below:

Hats by Karema Deodato

IG: karemadeodato

Luxury hats handcrafted and made to order with beautiful fabrics and undisputable details.

Hats by Karema Deodato


IG: no125nyc

With genius concept and an ode to Chanel no5 (with a Harlem twist), this designer is so well known in the community that they don’t have a website or showroom. People come from all over the city to Sugar Hill Market just to snatch up a hoodie or t-shirt while supplies last!



IG: beriqisu

Vibrant colors and heritage-rooted prints make each of her pieces truly unique and still modern. My favorites are her two-piece sets, which are perfect for upcoming spring and summer!



IG: l.nelms

This season I had the pleasure of being invited to sell my scarf collection! Made to order, all pieces are handmade and sewn in my Harlem apartment. The pieces include Italian wools, lux knits and self made fringe.

Lindsay Nelms