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Posted on September 25, 2017

Bohemia Blog by Agent Behzad Panah

Apollo Theater sign for Amateur Night

Upper Manhattan! Welcome to the new cool! The big apple is constantly getting a makeover and the north of 110th St is no stranger to this. New York City- especially Upper Manhattan- is constantly being constructed, re-constructed, and revitalized in myriad ways. New developments are constantly being raised up off the flat ground and the old developments are either being replaced or renewed. New retailers, coffee shops and uptown restaurants join in to make the neighborhood reach it's full potential. These changes in architecture, culture, and resources complement the history and people of uptown NYC.

For years, if you wanted to dine out with your friends and family, you had to travel downtown. You’d head down to your favorite spot, which had reserved you a 2x2 table, and where the people next to you practically sat on your lap and your conversations joined at every turn. Not anymore! Harlem has become the new neighborhood to play host to the foodie scene uptown. You’ll never be more than a block away from some of the best restaurants in Harlem, such as Sylvia’s, Harlem Tavern, Jin Ramen, Lolo’s Seafood Shack, and so many more.

Have a lazy morning- we won’t tell! Depart your new Harlem apartment in your pajamas, walk to your favorite brunch spot on Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem, (famous for its storied history of jazz) and enjoy your delicious meal without someone breathing down your neck. While you dine, you can listen to an amazing soulful sax player tickling your soul. Need options for your uptown dining experience? Or want to find some of the top bars in Harlem? Check out Bohemia Realty Group’s neighborhood guides.

Harlem street signs at Broadway and 125th Street

Harlem is home to restaurants of all types of cuisine, which reflect the people that live in Harlem, both in the past and the present. However, Harlem also offers abundant shopping choices. When you need to do some serious shopping, just stroll down 125th Street and you’ll find all the major retailers. Don't forget to stop by the new Whole Foods Market on your way home for some organic produce! Whole Foods Harlem also supports the Shop Harlem Made movement by including over twenty artisanal products made exclusively by local Harlem vendors.

When you're ready to go back home and relax, you’ll be happy to live in Harlem, where your uptown rental is a real apartment with enough space to meet all your needs, nothing like the closet spaces that most New Yorkers are forced to call home. I hope you’ve learned some of the key benefits of living in Harlem- including space, delicious eats, and a host of shopping choices- and will move uptown ASAP.

Still wondering what to do in Harlem? Uptown is all about community. Get out and about with your Harlem neighbors and friends, and join in the fun! Get the uptown update at any time by checking out #moveuptown on Instagram and Facebook for Bohemia Realty Group-approved events and news, updated daily. You can also sign up for our mailing list for weekly events, newsletters, featured listings, and BRG-sponsored outings including monthly free community workshops, art exhibits, pet adopt-a-thon’s and more. #MoveUptown #WeAreUptown #BohemiaRealtyGroup