Upper Manhattan- Where are the Grocery Stores?
Posted on February 5, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Erin Jean Whitney


This is, understandably, one of the top questions I get from apartment hunters in the final stages of making their nesting selection, and the answer gets more elaborate every day! Uptown is frocked with options, one of the many perks to living near arterial streets like Broadway. Truth is, we boast not only the most convenient access to grocery Uptown, but close proximity to farmer's markets and farm shares. My personal favorite? Trader Joe's right on the 1 line and Whole Foods and Fairway easy app DELIVERY! Read on for detail!...

Corner Store
Almost everyone has one, whether they've uncovered it yet or not. Some of the best can be tucked away on a humble stretch, others are larger and service hubs like 168th at Columbia Med. I recommend scoping out your hood as you settle in and starting a conversation with your closest dive market. Almost always these owners will respond favorably to requests to stalk staples you'll pick up regularly, plus any beverages and snack that appeals!

Grocery Stores
This is where it gets serious. Just this year Uptown got a happening Whole Foods on 125th & Lenox and Fairway remains a powerhouse on the Hudson at 132nd. We can't deny we all dig these joints' specialty items, and there's not only one way to get them (more on this later down the list) but the days of relying on them for our produce and daily needs are long gone. Super Foodtown implemented revolutionary grocery overhauls on 148th & Saint Nicholas Ave and 160th & Broadway, the later of which sprawls thousands of square feet and houses elevator, escalator and no fewer than 18 varieties of milk at any given time. Organic shoppers have no issue here, the store is vegan/vegetarian friendly and gluten free options are abundant. If there's something you want they don't have, put a word in, they'll work with you!

Farmers Markets
Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood have especially bountiful markets, and farmers markets have our hearts when it comes to cut flowers, specialty sauces, bread, and of course produce! Lots of local vendors pour in weekly (in some cases bi-weekly) and guess what? Way less crowded than well known markets downtown make for a better setup to talk to the owners and enjoy the experience!

Farm Share
There are a few CSAs Uptown but my favorite is Corbin Hill Food Project. Corbin was so organized, the people I dealt with were incredible, and the the produce was fantastic. Can honestly say I had never tasted an apple as flavorful in my 34 years! There are several pick-up locations and multiple options for members to receive food according to their own personal timelines and palette. Check out their website for details! http://corbinhill-foodproject.org/

Technology has changed everything, and it's finally cornering the world of grocery shopping. As I wracked my brain in efforts to mastermind my own weekly meal plan I scrutinized every boxed delivery service and tried every scheduling trick in the book before I realized delivery is now a legit streamlined thing. Whole Foods and Fairway (among others) deliver Uptown two hours out and all it takes is a click of a button. There may be many ways to do this but the simplest I've discovered is Instacart. Fees are minimal and you can tip your shopper - or not - depending on how you value the service. They text you while shopping is in progress with any item swaps needed and they climb walkups when they arrive with your purchase. Just call me Jane Jetson