Uptown Architecture
Posted on May 31, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Liam Speros

I have always had a fascination with architecture. Even when I was a little boy, my dad would take us on long car rides, which always involved me asking questions about everything I saw from old historic buildings to contemplating whether or not people elsewhere in the world had ever heard of Memphis, Tennessee. “Of course they have,” he replied, blowing my little mind.

My curiosity continued into my adulthood. About three years ago I found a friend through Instagram while living in Denver who also shared a love for architecture and photographing it with our phones. We were both part of a large architecture community on Instagram and decided to create our own tag and gallery to feature the best artist called #Arkiromantix . It exploded and created an even larger community of artist all over the world who romanticize architecture with drama, angles, patterns, and abstraction. Because of this I was seeing Denver like I never had before. I explored every street, alley, and rooftop gaining a new appreciation for her buildings with every picture.

I moved to Upper Manhattan about a year and half ago and now had an entirely new city to explore. I also began working in real estate where you are constantly out and about in New York. There’s so much amazing architecture in this city both new and old. Great architecture is not only in Midtown and Downtown. It’s also in Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood! Take a stroll around Upper Manhattan and look at what’s around you in a different way. If you already live up here, take a different path to work, the subway, or the bodega. You’ll discover more and gain more appreciation for the city that so many built. They did it with purpose: functionally for us to live and work in, artistically for human enjoyment. Enjoy it! All of these shots are of architecture in Upper Manhattan!

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