Walk Down Memory Lane in the Bronx
Posted on September 26, 2016

Bohemia Blog by Agent Ony Ekpecham

The Piano District in the Bronx hits a high note with budding new investors and is one of the sparkling areas that welcomes people to the Bronx. It has changed quite a bit since I knew it as a kid. While I know that the Bronx is on its way to being the new frontier for people searching for apartments to rent in NYC, or for investors and buyers to find their first properties, the Bronx will always serve as a playground of memories from my youth.

fullsizerender-2These days, "Say it ain't so" is the thought that vibrates through my brain while recently driving across the Third Ave Bridge in what I knew for so long as the "Boogie Down Bronx". I had to pull over to make sure that my vision wasn't deceiving me. The billboard located right by the intersection of Bruckner Blvd and the Third Avenue bridge featured a background consisting of black and white piano keys which promised viewers that yes "luxury waterfront living" is on its way to the South Bronx along with world-class dining, fashion, art, and architecture. I know I first thought that I couldn't believe the change was coming, but I also know that with the change comes the evolution of what the Bronx can continue to offer as far as heritage, proximity to the

[caption id="attachment_6996" align="alignright" width="260"]screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-18-20-pm Third Avenue Bridge[/caption]

Manhattan and affordable prices for those looking to stay in New York.

And that promise of luxury is starting to come to fruition - well I guess I could say it has been for years, but it is just starting to be visible with a number of new developments. And you might not think it now, but these developments in the coming years will begin to rival luxury apartments in harlem in amenities, location and price - just you wait.
A native of the city and of the Bronx, it seemed like the transformation was over night from the Boogie Down days to the next place to buy and rent. Some might say it was the building and the opening of the new Yankee Stadium that started it all, making Mott Haven a common name for investors and first-time buyers in the area.

[caption id="attachment_6997" align="alignleft" width="260"]screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-23-30-pm Yankee Stadium[/caption]

No matter where it started, at that moment that I drove across the bridge looking at the future of the Bronx, I began to reminisce. While commercial and luxury establishments are inevitably moving their way up from Manhattan, the Bronx carries a basket of memories for me that I know are part of my past, but also I look forward to the new generation that will forge new memories in the evolving Bronx.

As a child growing up in the Bronx before moving to Westchester, I vividly remember the historic contributions of this borough that will live in infamy. The Botanical Gardens, and Little Italy just to name a few will always be my honorable mentions in my book to the childhood memories I have in the city's most northern borough - like at the Bronx Zoo.  Other notable ones were in screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-47-24-pmHunts Point, located in the South Bronx, where we had regular family outings on Saturday. Hunts Point was a one stop shop from what I remember. Buying bulks of meats, spices, and bread became a normal Saturday routine for the Ekpecham family. All of this I thought would vanish after moving to Westchester, but fortunately this remained embedded in my roots and I return there today as a real estate agent for Bohemia Realty.

As a realtor seeing the steady transformation of the Bronx has become mind boggling, but being an expert of this borough has come at the perfect moment where the climate has made the borough a desirable place to put down roots or invest.

So while my childhood memories are cemented in my memory, I look now across the bridge and am excited to see what new memories can be created in the budding and ever changing Bronx. Take my advice and take a drive, a subway or a bike ride uptown and find out for yourself. You won't be disappointed.