Welcome to Washington Heights!
Posted on February 1, 2019

Market Day

Where can you find music, good food, and amazing parks? Washington Heights, the heart of rhythm, culture and Spanish food. Washington Heights has a thriving culture filled with a variety of restaurants that can spice up your taste buds.

El Malecon located on W.175th St. and Broadway has amazing food starting from their fresh salads to their excellent menu of different selections in cultural food from the Dominican Republic. Who doesn’t want great tasting food within their budget?

Right across the street is our Farmers Market where you can get your daily fresh fruits and veggies. You can’t miss the beautiful United Palace where you and a friend can catch shows and concerts that are happening daily.

Walking along the streets of Washington Heights you will become captivated with its atmosphere that is filled with individuals who make it all better. In the mood for shopping? Take a stroll down St. Nicholas Avenue where you are sure to find anything you want to wear and last minute pickups. On W.181st and St. Nicholas Avenue, you will find the infamous Habichuela con Dulce lady, which is a traditional dish from the Dominican Republic, the line usually extends around the block so make sure to get there early!

Across the street, you can find another delicious spot who is famous for their Dominican dish called mofongo. This traditional dish combines plantains filled with amazing different meats of your liking. La Casa Del Mofongo is sure to make all your tasting dreams come true with all their different varieties of mofongo. El Grito Mexican Grill is sure to spice up your taste buds, filled with delicious Mexican food right in the heart of Washington Heights, it is a neighborhood favorite. Their Mexican cuisine is sure to please and the margaritas with salt on the rim are to die for! Thai food is also another neighborhood favorite and Tung Thong on W.181st St. provides the best last-minute Thai cuisine.

Don’t worry about coffee shops they are all over the heights from Starbucks to your corner dollar store coffee which will both wake up the taste buds within you!

Recreational fun is always a must in Washington Heights, with diverse parks, one is sure to find the right spot for a cozy picnic at Fort Washington Park. Go for a hike at Highbridge Park or even just observe the scenery at Bennett Park in the Upper West Side of Washington Heights. These parks have amazing views overlooking the Hudson with views into New Jersey. A nice afternoon run through these various parks makes all the difference in life. The parks also have different types of workout stations in case you decide that you want to work out with nature.

Dancing the night away is an easy fix in Washington Heights. Nightclubs such as Arka, Playroom, Opus, and Cliff are sure to give you the fix that you need to dance the night away. Dyckman holds the key to all these important nightlife events. Mamajuana, Papasitos, and Mamasushi have restaurant service throughout the day but as soon as the sun sets they become nightclubs were one is sure to find the right vibe to enjoy the night. Latin music fills the air and it gives the nightlife a different culture and feeling. It makes one forget that it was a restaurant in the first place!

Taking a stroll down Washington Heights and seeing all it has to offer, one can only wonder what about its history? Jumel Terrace Historic park has just that. It is an insightful look at the Western old times of how life was during prehistoric times in Washington Heights. These are culturally respected grounds that make Washington Heights all that special. Highbridge Park has another limitless spot called The Water Tower which gives rich textures to what life was like in Washington Heights. It creates a space of history as one strolls through the park.

The variety of different styles, foods, and nightlife make Washington Heights the prime place to live in NYC.

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