What it Really Means to Always be Closing
Posted on March 12, 2018

Bohemia Blog by Agent Hollybeth Plowman

I started in the real estate business about five years ago. Back before social media and Instagram were a tool for advertising apartments, and also a tool for throwing up pictures and videos of everyday events.

Our leads came from the wonderful world of Craigslist and cold calling. Streeteasy and Naked Apartments were new to the real estate world at the time.
As an agent, there’s a lot you see and a lot you do not post about on social media. And the stuff that’s not posted is the real deal.

Things like being a divorce therapist. Yes, this has happened to me and I have never been married or divorced. A client was going through a divorce and her distraught mother cried and yelled during the whole appointment, insisting that another women is no reason to divorce. And as awkward as it was, I finally stepped in and said something. Thank god I did because she took the apartment we were standing in and that ended the crazy two hour tirade.

Two weeks later the mother called me wanting me to help her now ex son in law find an apartment. This showing was a lot calmer. It was also a lot stranger. I don’t think I could ever recall my mother kissing my brother in law on the mouth like that!

And of course my facial expressions hide nothing but they took that apartment. Maybe this family liked my honesty. But nothing beats getting stuck in the car with a client and their “friend,” who I could only assume was an escort. The guy was a “big talker” that spoke like he was loaded with cash and then forced me to sit with them at restaurant to discuss the $2100 apartment after a 4 hour showing. This all didn’t make sense for a $2100 rental and for the time it took to show.

Finally the guy said he would like the apartment, makes a phone call. Fifteen minutes later another guy shows up. My client ask me to follow the guy (who looked shady AF) and he will give me all cash in his car and pay me for my services as long as I ride with him in the car and show him around... ummmmm did he just try to pimp me out??
What the hell just happened? I of course said no and proceeded to let the client know that this is not how I do business and left.
The client actually called two days later and apologized for the weird situation. He applied and of course his credit wasn’t the 750 he made it out to be. Bye Felicia!
And the friend who I thought was an escort was approved for another apartment. She also mentioned she just meet that guy like a week ago through her company.
God, why couldn’t he be like my client the day before? This client brought me into the basement of her restaurant and gave me a paper bag full of cash to pay for all the apartment costs. We did this whole transaction with paperwork as she was cutting chicken with a butcher knife...seriously?!

Moral of the story is, people are unique. No matter the situation you seem to be in, just always remember...everyone needs an apartment and to “Always be Closing.”