Why I broke up with the Upper East Side and moved to Harlem
Posted on November 3, 2014

Bohemia Blog by Agent Lindsay Nelms


Moving from anywhere to NYC can be a culture shock, especially when it comes to apartments. But I was prepared! I watched Sex and the City religiously and dreamed of one day moving to my fabulous NYC apartment, I my fabulous shoes and living my fabulous NYC life. When Sex and the City was on air from 1998 - 2004, Carried Bradshaw lived in a brownstone in a rent controlled Upper East Side apartment for the price of $750… I will pause for your reaction.  She had a massive two room studio with separate kitchen, walk in closet and a bathroom with two doors… When I moved to NYC I was told the old tale of “Don’t live above 96th street!” so I did just that and moved to the Upper East Side at 72nd on York Ave into a studio for $2100. What anybody failed to mention was the walk from York Ave to the subway would feel like walking to Africa. They also failed to mention the hell that is the 6 train. The only exposed brick in my apartment was the brick from the building 


next door that was close enough to touch if I reached out of my window. The mice weren’t too much of an issue as my roommate had a cat and she pretty much caught them and brought them to us already dead. While living on the UES I worked for another real estate company and showed apartments in the area. I once showed an apartment where the shower was directly over the toilet. Kill two birds with one stone? Enough was enough! I wanted the fabulous 

3shoes and the fabulous apartment. So I ventured to Harlem. I found a two bedroom, sunny, rent stabilized HUGE apartment for$1750, only 3 short blocks to the express train. Soon my love for uptown infiltrated my life and I made the decision to move my work uptown as well to Bohemia Realty Group. Best decision ever. I am able to find people homes that I am proud to show! Not only are people not showering over their toilets but they might even get a marble bathroom with deep whirlpool bathtub to boot.



While my SATC dvd’s will forever be my guilt pleasure, I am officially over the UES and have proudly moved on to Uptown, things are getting serious ;)